Burnett Field

Burnett Field was the most logicaL place to practice the JFK Assassination.  It was close to Dealey Plaza; it’s dimensions were good enough; it was accessible.  More importantly access could be readily gained.

Burnett Field no longer exists.  It sat in North Oak Cliff.  Take a look at this picture.

Okay, I realize this isn’t perfect, but it’s close to the way the mission could be practiced.   The left field stands are high enough to equal Oswald’s position in the 6th Floor of the TSBD according to the old pictures I can find.  The sixth floor was approximately 6 stories x 10 feet per story plus three to four feet for shooting height assuming the shooter shot from a crouched position.  This yields a height of 64 feet. The roof of the left field stands appears to be that high.  

Now, there is no question that SB could gain access to the stadium.  He would only need to ask his old friend and JFK-hater, Amon Carter, Jr., for a free pass.  Now, in case anyone wants to hear what ice water moving through veins sounds like, listen to this clip of Amon Carter, Jr., talking to LBJ in December of 1963.

SB would insist though that the dimensions be consistent with Dealey Plaza, so here are the dimensions of DP.

You can see that the left field roof is about 50 linear feet off the left filed line for a distance of 279 feet linear.  

Now as you can see, Burnett Field is not as large as Dealey Plaza, but it’s pretty close.  SB could either work around the tight dimensions by reorienting the simulated Presidential route, or he could do a calculation whereby he could maintain the same trajectory by shortening the height thus enabling him to keep the same Presidential route.  Here I have gone from the corner of the Dal-Tex building to approximately Z350 which is about 345 feet.  I have assumed a height of about 69 feet which brings us somewhere around the 6th story.  I didn’t compensate for the lowering of Elm as you move west down Elm, but, it really doesn’t matter for the purposes of this argument.  I think you get the idea.

345 feet/5 inches
69 feet/1 inch

For each 69 linear feet; we go up 69*0.2 or 13.8 feet

345      =     69 feet
276      =     55.2
207     =     41.4
138      =     27.6
69    =     13.8
0     =     0

If we come down to 276 feet of length (which does fit comfortably in Burnett Field), we can position the shooters at 55 feet which is definitely doable in Burnett Field.  Placing Zapruder, and the front shooters is piece of cake.  

​Coming down on the height should not be a problem.  The goal of the exercise is to get the timing right between front and back shooters.  If the shooter can’t hit somebody from 350 feet, then he shouldn’t be a sniper in the first place. The other goal of the exercises to desensitize Zapruder to shots that are whistling through the air.  Zapruder must be able to get a complete film of the assassination so that the autopsy can be altered (if need be) up to match the proposed three shot theory.  SB understood that he couldn’t have Zapruder ducking or hitting the deck when the shots came whistling by.  As you may have already noticed, everyone hit the deck except Zapruder.

I know this may seem a little crazy, but this is the way SB thinks.

Okay, now was SB going to work out the timing?  You can check out my books as to how I believe SB worked out the shot sequence.  I don’t want to go into that here.  What I want to discuss is how the shooters stayed in time. 

There were two shooters fore and two shooters aft.  Each had two bullets for 8 bullets total.  Each team had one shooter with a supersonic rifle.  Each team had a a shooter with a subsonic deLisle carbine.  There would be four shots heard.  The first would be perceived as a firecracker.  Why?  Because in a shooting, context initially supersedes reality.  With subsequent shots reality catches up and supersedes context.  This was found to be true in Las Vegas and other shootings.

It was essential to have only have four shots maximum be heard. The first could be explained away. This was necessary to establish a lone shooter.  Why didn’t SB just go with four bullets? He wanted to spread risk.

How was the timing communicated?  Yes, WT Man, had a walkie talkie but this was probably a) for giving the shooters the get ready command, and b) final mop-up.  

SB planned it so that the kill zone would be centered around the mid-point of the pergola.  Four shots would be fired before the midpoint and four after the midpoint.  Each shooter would shoot one bullet before the midpoint and one after.  

Both front and back shooters were needed to again spread risk.

It’s difficult for me to figure out how they communicated the sequencing because I’m not a sniper.  

SB would have understood that simplicity is the best way to communicate.  So, the best way is to have the men on the street communicate to the shooters when to shoot.

Umbrella Man – Umbrella Up – Shot one
WT Man – Arm up – Shot two
Umbrella Man – Umbrella Down – Shot three
WT Man – Arm Down – Shot four
Mid point – Both arms down
Umbrella Man – Umbrella Up – Shot five
WT Man – Arm up – Shot six
Umbrella Man – Umbrella Down – Shot seven
WT Man – Arm Down – Shot eight

Each shooter team will have a coordinator standing behind them who will watch the controllers and tap their men on the shoulder accordingly.  Now, we can easily reverse the order of the which controller raises his arm first.
Does this seem crazy?   Not to a German; not to a logician; not to me.  Certainly not to SB.  Yes, I know SB was of Russian extraction, but he spent many years with Germans (three as a POW, four in the post-war period, and then even more with the CIA).  I think he grew to like the German people and the German culture.  At any rate, when you live in a foreign country, you may not technically be a citizen, but you become one with that country. It changes you.

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Burnett Field

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