Everett Glover

It may seem strange to begin with Everett Glover, but he represents an important nexus point in the JFK Assassination.  Isn’t it odd how the people who are most pivotal are often overlooked? The famous Everett Glover party is where the  principal characters of the JFK Assasination come together for the first time.  Under one roof, we have Lee Oswald, Marina Oswald, Ruth Paine and George D.  

Initially I thought it might be useful for you to know who Everett Glover was, where he was born and so forth. He was a soil scientist working for Magnolia Oil, and he had independently met both Ruth Paine and George D years before they knew each other. That two independent acquaintances  would figure so prominently in the JFK Assassination seems suspicious to me.  It’s like hitting the lottery twice.  

On the other hand, maybe there is nothing there to see.  

I think not.  I think the party, or small gathering, had three purposes:

  • To publicly label Oswald as a communist.
  • ​To provide a logical pathway explaining how Lee and Marina met Ruth Paine.
  • ​To provide a logical pathway from Oswald to General Walker.

In this respect the party was a resounding success.  Oswald did not disappoint.  Why would he?  His job, as he saw it, was to promote himself as a communist.  That why he thought he was there, to insert himself as a real communist to the White Russian community so as to hopefully ferret out closet communists.  This mission would be consistent with his fantasy life and what he imagined a spy should be.  

​George D was at the party because he had to be even though he only showed for a cameo appearance.  George D was Oswald’s friend, and he was EG’s friend as well.  EG had met George D independently in two separate time frames.  The first was in the late 1950s where he met George D and his wife at a skating rink.  The second time frame was in late 1962.  EG was attending a party at Lauriston Marshall’s house, when he was introduced to Sam Ballen, George D’s best friend.   EG and Sam struck up a conversation about tennis, and the two agreed to play tennis the next day.  Guess who also showed up?  George D.  In time, EG became reacquainted with George D and in turn Oswald.   

Ruth Paine was ostensibly at the party because she was looking for some to teach her Russian.  She already knew it, but she wanted to improve.  As to why she couldn’t have asked anyone else but Marina Oswald is anyone’s guess.  Ruth had sung in a madrigal group alongside EG at his unitarian church. A madrigal group is a group that sings without instruments. They sing 16th century music, point-counterpoint.  Why Ruth as a Quaker was attending a unitarian church is a mystery, but many people do like to learn from other religions.  Perhaps there was no singing group at the local Quaker meetinghouse.  Or perhaps a local meetinghouse did not exist.  It doesn’t matter. The point of the party was to provide a logical connection as to how Ruth met Lee and Marina.  

General Walker was not at the party, but maybe he should have been.  General Edwin Walker was a right-wing evangelist of sorts for the John Birch society.  He had gotten into some political scrapes while in the military and so decided to resign forfeiting his pension.  He became an important speaker to conservatives; he was talked about.  At either this party, or the party that preceded it by one week at George D’s house, EG’s roommate, Volkmar Schmidt, spoke extensively to Oswald about General Walker.  Volkmar Schmidt was another worker at Magnolia Oil, and he seems to have had one singular purpose in life  – providing the connection between Oswald and General Walker. 

So there they were, George D, Ruth Paine, EG, Volkmar Schmidt, perhaps Sam Ballen.  Coincidence?  A random event. 

You know, in those days, the CIA did not have a bad name; that’s a modern thing.  Most Americans were proud of their country and its institutions.  As such they were only too glad to help the CIA out if there were any commies lurking in the bushes.  A person didn’t have to be in CIA to be with them, to help them.  Except for a few Hollywood liberals, we all hated the commies in those days because the government told us to hate them.  So, if the Director needed help in getting people to meet Lee, his job was easy; he only had to let people know that Lee, a potential commie, had just returned from Russia. 

The Director already knew back in October of  1962 that Lee was going to be his patsy.  When you are planning a mission, you plan it in the same manner that Edgar Allen Poe wrote The Raven.  You figure out the ending first. In that way you have a concrete goal to aim at.  So, once Lee was determined to be the patsy, he had to demonized on many levels.  Painting him as a  commie was but one way.  The best way to paint him as a commie was having Lee talk to people, thus the idea of a party.

It’s not hard to get people to throw a party.  All you do is say:  Why don’t we have a party? People love parties.  And so  the Director engineered the party before the party.  He arranged for EG to meet Sam Ballen at a mutual friend’s party.  It was essential for the Director to create logical reasons why people met just in case anyone got nosy which as it turns out did happen. The party at Lauriston Marshall’s house was only the pretext to what the Director really wanted – the party at EG’s house where George D and Ruth Paine would meet.  That’s where the money was.  If the Director didn’t have that meeting, people would question how Ruth Paine became involved.  The Director could not have that.  He needed a logical pathway that would sell.  

He also needed a logical pathway that would lead from Oswald to General Walker.  As such it was already predetermined that Lee would take a shot at him.  And if General Walker should die or move away before the planned shooting?  Well, then the Director would move to Plan B.  At any rate, Volkmar Schmidt did his job well.  He never stopped talking about Oswald and General Walker.  Depending on who you  listen to, either EG or Volkmar will tell you that the EG party had been set up to evaluate Oswald.  Why would that be and who sets up a party to evaluate people?  Normally, if you don’t like someone or have suspicions about them, you walk away from them.  Why would either EG or Volkmar Schmidt give a rat’s behind about Lee Oswald?

As it turns out, there had been other parties for the Oswalds.  How many coming out parties can a couple have?  Aside from the George D party which took place at George D’s apartment the week before the EG party, there was a party at Peter Gregory’s house in August of 1962.  Who’s Peter Gregory?  Peter Gregory is another oil guy who also happens to be Russian.  He is Lee’s first Russian contact in the US.  Oswald had contacted him about doing some Russian translations.  Through Peter Gregory, Lee meets the White Russian community.  

​I drew a map for you below so you can see the flow of people and how they connect.  EG, Volkmar Schmidt and Richard Pierce are room-mates and co-workers at Magnolia Oil.  

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