Here are a few things I found. Tell me what you think. Some of these things are a little far out there, but they are worth considering.

Jack Ruby and SB

I am postulating that SB posed as a Dallas police officer and chaperoned Jack Ruby into the County Police Building on Friday night.  He chaperoned Jack Ruby into the Dallas Police Department garage on Sunday morning.  Jack Ruby was seen on the street very much prior to 10:00 AM on Sunday morning. This testimony was disregarded. Yes, Jack Ruby probably could’ve entered on his own on both days; however, he couldn’t predict the future. He didn’t know if he was going to be thrown out.  This was no ordinary weekend. Thus he had to have a chaperone. He had to be protected.

Here is one picture that I believe could be SB.  Is it possible to be someone else?  Sure.  In the video, JR seems to be looking beyond the policeman, not at him.  

If this picture is not your cup to tea, I have discovered other photos that could be SB at the same press conference.

Other Photos

It seems rational to me that SB would have been there at the Oswald press conference late Friday night.  Check out these photos.  I’m not sure.  These are stills.  The camera was oddly angled and thus unfairly elongated people’s faces.

​I’m sure there are many people in the world who resemble SB.  We all look like somebody.  There’s probably a guy on your street who looks like SB or LO.  But if we see somebody who looks like SB standing there at the press conference, we should take a second look.

I tried to compress the image a bit vertically, and here is what I came up with.  I’m sure a pro can do a better job.

Now, if this were SB, he would be 41 in this picture. So he will obviously look a little different than SB in his 20s. He is going to be a little thicker.


I was looking for ways that SB might leave his signature, without leaving his name and a written confession, either purposefully or inadvertently.  I was intrigued by his POW number which was 1477.  For three years he lived with that number, so it seemed logical to me he might leave that number as a clue.  Maybe I was looking too hard here, but here is what I found.

So, we can all agree that JD was at the GLOCO local station. But what does it mean when we say he was at the GLOCO gas station. Was he on the premises of the GLOCO gas station; was he across the street from the GLOCO gas station, or  was he catty corner from the GLOCO gas station on the south side of Zang?

It might make a difference. Just because witnesses saw him at the GLOCO station does not mean that he was physically on the grounds of the station. He could have been next-door or catty-corner across Zang.

I have enclosed a few modern maps.  I am assuming that the correct location was 1502 North Zang which would place it at the northeast corner of Greenbriar and Zang. This may be incorrect.

If JDT was on the premises of the GLOCO or or on the north side of Zang, and he was there presumably to “look for Oswald”, then why would he not continue down Zang rather than Lancaster?  If he was following Oswald down Zang, there would be no reason for him to turn down back towards Lancaster.

If he was on the south side of Zang (more likely), then he would be less likely to “follow Oswald”.  Why then would he be there and leave suddenly unless he had some other motive – as I have suggested.

Yes, it’s possible he could have been north of Zang and then crossed the median strip a bit down the road to head down Marsalis (and then Lancaster), but for what purpose?  We’re back to the same question.

At any rate, just south of 1502 Zang is 1477 Zang.  Across the street you can artificially construct 1477 Marsalis.  Of course, 1477 is a significant number.

1477 was SB’s POW number for 3 years.  Now, I know this is a stretch to think that this might be significant, but maybe it isn’t.  SB certainly would have walked the area and been aware of where he was.  Maybe he saw that address, 1477 North Zang, and felt it was a favorable omen.

I would have.  I wouldn’t have revolved my plot around a number, but I sure would think twice about it.  

Note:  Obviously I am constructing this on modern day street maps.  I have looked online to find a street map from 1963, but I can not find one.  I don’t have the time or inclination to move to Dallas at this point in my life in order to search through the Dallas Public Library.  I did apply for a membership online, but their website was designed sub-optimally.

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SB was most likely a superstitious man. Extremely educated people are not immune from superstition.  Perfectionists are very prone to superstition. They want to get things exactly right. And they are educated enough to know that all the education and planning in the world isn’t as good as luck. This is one of the reasons why SB chose the local station. GLOCO: Good Luck Oil Company.

Another vital point that SB noted was that if you drew a line horizontally across Oak Cliff from Beckley to the GLOCO station (1502 Zang) you came very close to a very significant number which meant a lot to him.

1477 North Beckley to 1477 North Marsalis.  1477 North Zang is along that latitude.  Now, of course, there is no 1477 North Marsalis officially.  No matter, SB would create it to lend support to his mission. If you can’t find a natural omen, create one.

1477 was his POW number.  He was number 1477 for nearly three years of his life.  It was a number he could remember.  He would never forget it.  1477 was a protective number for him.  While in the POW camp, he had played with that number.  14 was the 14th letter of the alphabet – N.  7 was the 7th letter of the alphabet – G.  NGG.  Perhaps this is why his nickname was N-oog to his kids.  Perhaps not.  At any rate if you cycle 77 three times through the alphabet you come upon with Y.  N + Y =  New York.  SB would have thought this a propitious sign when he was in that POW camp in Szubin.  Being in a helpless, dependent position makes you a little superstitious no matter how smart a guy you are.


SB may have noted that as a propitious sign and decided to incorporate that address line into his plan.  He knew he would need all the luck he could get.  He interpreted this as a favorable sign from God.

Numbers and symmetry were extremely important to SB.

From this point he sketched out a rough plan of how the mission would work.  I have detailed the JDT handoff explicitly in my books on my website:  www.thejfklie.com.  They are free downloads.

Important Note

I understand that this superstitious behavior may seem a stretch to you as a normal person. But SB was not a normal person. He was an extremely intelligent individual, very careful, very aware that all the planning in the world can go south very quickly. He would understand that you need every advantage you can get; and part of that involves an appeal to God. That may seem strange to you, but I can assure you that SB was a very big believer in God, and omens and propitious signs.

Educated people are not above superstition. Your degree of superstition has much to do with events that have happened in your life that are beyond your control. Something happened in SB’s early life that was beyond his control. It affected his development.  It made him cautious, meticulous, careful and reserved.  In a way, he is almost shy.

I would not be surprised to discover that he had a mild case of OCD where he went through touching rituals in order to make things perfect, so as to avoid disaster.

His relationship with his father is interesting. When he writes back to United States in one of his posts from Szubin, he addresses the letter to his mother, Mrs. E. Bolten. He does not include his father’s name.  Why?

SB was the first-born son of Samuel and Eda Bolotovsky.  As such he would take after his mother.  

The Best Evidence of all

The best evidence of all is to look at the Bush Cabal, the network that encompasses the Bush Empire.  A clever man can take advantage of all these connections to do whatever he wants.  Download this vital pdf.  After downloading zoom in.

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