Abraham Zapruder

Abraham Zapruder was an extremely intelligent man.  He was born in Kovel, Ukraine in 1905.  He came to the US in 1920 during the mayhem of the Russian Revolution.  He had seen his share of death and killing at a young age.  He may have witnessed his older brother being taken off a train and murdered.  

When he got to the US he entered the garment business.  In time he migrated to Dallas, Texas where he worked for Nardis under Bernard Gold.  You may view the type of clothes Nardis designed when you watch the Dick van Dyke show.  The clothes Nardis designed were first rate then, and they are first rate today.  

Abraham Zapruder in time began his own company, Jennifers Juniors.  The factory was located on the 4th and 5th floors of the Dal-Tex building which sits adjacent to the TSBD in Dealey Plaza.  

Abraham Zapruder was able to learn English fluently.  He was also an accomplished amateur filmmaker.  

He was thought of highly in the community.  He was invited to with on the Dallas Council of World Affairs which is a think tank.  The  Dallas Council of World Affairs was begun by Neil Mallon, a mentor to GHWB.  Neil Mallon was an oil man.  There is nothing inherently sinister about the  Dallas Council of World Affairs.  The fact that Abraham Zapruder sat on it is significant though; his sitting there is a testament to his smarts, his connectedness and his willingness to be connected. 

Big Abe

These are a few diagrams I did of Abraham Zapruder to demonstrate the connectivity of this talented man.  Initially I had wanted to believe that Zapruder was a useful tool to the Director, the man who planned the assassination.  I now believe that Zapruder had to be involved in a much more substantive way.  His film is too good for an amateur photographer.  He only flinches minimally when JFK’s head is blown wide open; this is not natural.  The Newman family hit the deck; the three men on the stairs hit the deck.  Zapruder calmly keeps filming.  After JFK goes under the overpass, Zapruder stops filming.  Why?  Would a regular person do this?  I think not.  The President has just been shot.  There is mayhem in Dealey Plaza.  Why would he stop shooting?  He doesn’t know what’s fully going on, or does he?  Only we in the future know.  Additionally, when Zapruder stops filming, he is staring right at the corner of the stockade fence.  Because he is atop the pedestal, he can see directly behind the fence.  Given that we know that shots came from behind the fence, given that we know that this shooting was highly choreographed, why would the Director permit Fred Flintstone to have the best seat in town for the purpose of filming the President?  He wouldn’t.  He would have chased him off that pedestal.  That Zapruder remained on that pedestal, that he was as cool as a cucumber while filming indicts him.  I firmly believe that Abraham Zapruder was not only recruited to be there but also that he was trained to film under duress.  I believe that part of that training involved him filming at a remote location where various objects were exploded at random intervals in order to desensitize him to loud noises and extreme visual catastrophes. The reason why Zapruder was recruited to film was so that the Director could have an accurate visual record of JFK’s wounds.  He would need this record to help phony up the autopsy results. 

But He Loved JFK

One of the hysterical commonalities amongst all people who have been accused of killing JFK is that they all admired and loved JFK.  It’s comical.  If JFK had only known how universally loved he was, he never would have campaigned.  Indeed, nearly half the people in the United State did not like JFK; that’s why the 1960 election was so close.  But if you could take a poll of the people who have been accused, you would think JFK had won the election in a landslide. 

Marilyn Sitzman

Marilyn Sitzman was Abraham Zapruder’s receptionist.  Not much is known about her, which in my mind is a clue.  There are so many anonymous people who appear in the JFK Assassination, indict Lee Oswald as the lone assassin, then fade into history without us knowing much about them.  Marilyn Sitzman is one of these people.  She was never formally interviewed by the Warren Commission.  She attributes it to her being a woman and therefore insignificant.  Well, the Warren Commission had no problem interviewing Katya Ford and Elena Hall.  No, I suspect the Warren Commission had other reasons for staying away from Marilyn Sitzman.

Do not be fooled by her folksy voice and incorrect grammar; Gerald Ford had a folksy voice, and look at the criminality he engaged in.  No, my friends, the CIA is very good at what they do.  Deception is much of what they do for a living.  Let’s ask some questions.

Why does Sitzman not flinch at all when the bullets go zinging by her?  Everyone else is hitting the deck.  Why not her? Why does she not transmit any of her body motion to Zapruder?  I can see where one could make the argument that Zapruder was so immersed in the moment of filming that he didn’t move much, but Sitzman is not looking into the lens.  Why are people all around her hitting the deck, but she is not?

She does not flinch, in my opinion, because she has been trained.  Like Zapruder she has been desensitized to having shots fired by her head.  As I state on this website, this mission was practiced.

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