SB’s Symmetry

This is a symmetry that would have pleased SB.  There is a triangular beauty here as Fake Oswald 1 (William Whaley’s cab)  passes the GLOCO and moves to Beckley and Nealy and then (presumably, but not really) to 10th and Patton.  JDT completes the triangle  by moving from Top Ten to 10th and Patton.  Fake Oswald moving from BN to the Boarding House is counterbalanced by Fake Oswald 2 (JFT’s killer) moving from Marsalis to TP.

Now this may seem crazy to you a normal person, but it isn’t to perfectionists.  Perfectionists like SB need beauty in the world. They understand that plans and theories should have an elegant basis to them. SB would’ve understood that the best machines have the fewest moving parts that move in an elegant manner.

The best way to move Oswald from the Boarding House to 10th and Patton is to not move him.  Doing so would invite complexity.  It’s much better to have Fake Oswald 1 show up at the Boarding House and then disappear into eternity.  Fake Oswald 2 will be in place.  Fewer moving parts.

As you have noticed, no one spotted LO walking though Oak Cliff that early Friday afternoon.

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