The Players

At this point, it’s probably better if you download the pdf and scroll down to the players I have listed here.  I discuss most but not all of the principal players, at least the ones I feel like commenting on.  It’s too lengthy to place here.  I go over some of the logistics of the operation as I believe SB planned it. The pdf will open in a new window.

To further understand the logistics of the operation, I urgently ask you to download my other books and read the other pages on my site.  Yes, I know I am speculating, and, yes, I know I can stretch things (that’s what detectives do ever day in figuring a case out).  Still, the fundamental theory I am presenting is grounded upon realistic thinking and people’s motivations for acting the way they do.

The Bush Cabal

Here you can download a neat pdf map that shows a roadmap that I believe Seymour Bolten followed in recruiting people to be used in the JFK assassination.  The important thing to realize is not that these people commiserated or worked together to plan an assassination, but that Seymour Bolten used these people who were members of the Bush network.  The connections are a little closer than six degrees of separation.

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