The Fakes

The Fake Jews

You’ve heard of the fake news, well, now you get to meet the fake Jews.  They are very much like the fake Christians who lead the United States.  Indeed, they’re exactly the same.  These are men and women who have completely shucked off their traditional religion and instead worship the God of money and hedonism.  They didn’t start off that way; they got indoctrinated into their cult.

No true Jew would kill JFK.  No true Christian would kill JFK.  Fake Christians and fake Jews would and did kill JFK.  Why?  Because JFK fucked with their money; he offered a world where they could not get rich on demand.

Now, the modus operandi of these fake Christians and fake Jews is to have so-called Jews do the actual killing so that if anyone accuses a so-called Jew, these fake Christians and fake Jews can accuse the accuser of antisemitism.  They use antisemitism as a cudgel and shield to commit all sorts of malfeasance in the world today.  

For years I’ve tried to come up with a good name for these people.  I think the name that fits best is neo-Roman.

The Neo Romans

A neo-Roman fancies himself better than other men. He considers himself a master of the universe. He worships money and power.  If the smaller people become hurt through his good intentions, so be it; it is an unfortunate consequence of the noblesse oblige he bestows upon humanity for the good of humanity.

What is important to the neo-Roman is himself and his stature within the community. He comes from all walks of life and all religions, yet he has no grounding in morality as morality is defined and practiced by most.

Was Seymour Bolten a Fake Jew

I’m probably biased, but as I have come to study this man, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  I think he was a hybrid who got stuck between two worlds.  I don’t think the CIA or the elites were able to fully corrupt him.  Still they needed him because he could walk into the regular world of Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby, where they could not.  So, he did his job knowing full well the disastrous consequences it would yield.  Why do I think he was a hybrid?  A) He left clues (in my opinion) leading back to himself; B) He sent his boy, Joshua to a regular public school for his primary education.  He wanted his boy to be grounded to regular people.  Had he been an elite and fully corrupted, he never would have done so. C) You can look into his eyes; I don’t see an evil person there.

Is it Wrong to Implicate Fake Jews in the JFK Assassination

No, it is actually anti-Semitic to not include Jews as collaborators in the assassination of JFK.

When you exclude Jews from being possible collaborators in the assassination, you’re discriminating against Jews because they are Jews. That is an anti-semitic act. You are excluding Jews from humanity.

Too many “responsible “researchers have excluded the Jews because they do not want to be labeled as antisemitic. This exclusion is in itself antisemitic.  Of course, no one would be happier than the CIA when one excludes the Jews.  Indeed, the CIA uses and will use the cudgel and shield of antisemitism to intimidate investigators who even think about accusing Israelis the CIA happily employs as assassins.  Let’s be frank: this assassination was a collaboration between fake Christians and fake Jews.  There is nothing Christian about CIA. There’s nothing Jewish about Mossad.  There is nothing Christian or Jewish about their collaborators or fellow travelers.

The Fake Christians

The fake Christians for sure would include Allen Dulles. Believe it or not, this man and his brother were brought up in the Presbyterian Church. I was brought up in the Presbyterian Church. I don’t remember our minister preaching for us to go around the neighborhood and beat up people. I don’t remember that lesson in Sunday school.

I’ve read the Sermon on the Mount; I don’t remember Jesus talking about kicking ass.

I think it’s safe to say that Allen Dulles and his brother John Foster Dulles were total fakes. They weren’t Christians at all. They were just like that other phony, George Herbert Walker Bush. Indeed, the most nauseating thing I’ve ever seen in my life was watching GHWB attend church.

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