Ruth Paine

I want to talk about Ruth Paine, and yet I don’t want to talk about her.  Enough has been said already by many respected researchers.  What can I possibly tell you with any expertise?  She is a woman who has admirers. She is a woman who has detractors.  Is she a CIA spook who set Oswald up? Or was she just a good citizen reporting the truth?  

Her detractors point to her family’s CIA connections, particularly her sister and father. They point to her husband’s association with Bell helicopter.  They talk about her mother-in-law’s friendship with Mary Bancroft who was Alan Dulles’s mistress.  Mary Bancroft apparently was a spy with the OSS as well.

Unfortunately, none of those allegations prove guilt.  They only tell you that you should take a second look at Ruth Paine.  So what is it that we can point to that will convince us of her guilt?

Our minds have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years and have given us the ability to sense on a subconscious basis when people are lying to us. Bullshit detection is a biological survival mechanism.  Some people possess this skill to a greater degree than others.  You can not quantify the sensation of being conned anymore than you can quantify the taste of an orange.  

There is a creepiness to Ruth Paine’s voice and mannerisms that oozes out of her.  She does not come off as genuine. She is hiding something.  My gut tells me that she did what she was told to do, which was to ingratiate herself to Lee and Marina.  At 31 years of age, she was far too young and inexperienced to be given information beyond what was required.  

​She was a good soldier.  

As far as the evidence is concerned, so what? So she found a letter that Oswald wrote to Marina about taking care of things should something happen to him, so what? So she found a blanket in  her garage where Oswald kept his rifle, so what?  What the letter proves is that Oswald could write in Russian.  What the blanket proves is that there was a blanket in the garage.  Another fixation of the Warren Commission was whether Ruth Paine could hear Oswald get up in the morning on 11/22/63.  I’ll tell you what, let’s stipulate that he did and be done with it.  Oh, yes, she found a photo that Marina had taken of Oswald holding guns in the backyard.  How convenient; and how useless.  Okay, so Oswald and his wife were goofing around pretending to be Bonnie and Clyde.  Next.

​The purpose of all this evidence was, of course, not to convict Oswald because none of this would prove anything in a court of law except that Oswald a) wrote out a will of sorts, b) may have owned a blanket that he kept in Ruth Paine’s garage,  c) owned a rifle that may have been used to shoot JFK and d) liked to take goofy pictures.  With regard to the latter, Oswald took plenty of goofy pictures over the years; he was a ham, as are many of us.  

​The purpose of this evidence was to convict Oswald in the court of public opinion, which is, of course, no court at all.   The court of public opinion is better termed the witch hunt of public opinion.  Here is why.

About a thousand years ago, people would get together in the public square and conduct business.  Sometimes things would get out of hand and people would fight.  One would accuse the other of malfeasance and a fight would erupt.  People would be killed or much damage would be done.  Accusations could be furious and would often incite a riot.  Bystanders would get swept up in it.

One day someone suggested that people not fight in the public square but in a quiet room where cooler heads might prevail.  The people went along with that and called it Court,  Many years after that, someone suggested there be a moderator for the grievances so as to prevent people from talking over each other.  The people went along with that and called the moderator judge,  A few years after that, the judge suggested there be some rules for the court.  The people liked that idea and called  these rules court etiquette or procedure.  Then someone suggested that, since the procedures were not known to all men, each party in the grievance have a representative.  The people went along with that and called these representatives lawyers.  Many years went by before someone suggested that, since the decisions being handed down by the judges were not very good, a group of regular people be in charge of making the decision.  The people went along with that and called this group of people a jury.  

When the people looked back at where they came from, the fight in the public square where wild accusations got people killed, they decided that they had done a good thing.  What had taken place before was a witch hunt.

The NWO loves the witch hunt and despises a civilized court.

The Family Tree

I constructed this family tree of sorts not to demonstrate any guilt but to demonstrate to myself and others how involved the CIA was in the JFK Assassination.  Being a member of the CIA is not considered a crime.  Perhaps it should be.  I culled this information from many sites and from my own readings over the years.  One individual who should be credited is William Kelly who did an interview with Volkmar Schmidt.  Another individual is Peter Janney.  Of course, associations in themselves mean nothing.  What this web demonstrates is how connected our elites are.  I certainly could have constructed more connections.  Of particular note is that Mary Pinchot Meyer was JFK’s lover.  Many believe that she was murdered on the Washington towpath in 1964 by the CIA.  Incidentally, Cord Meyer, Ben Bradlee and James Angleton were best friends – three peas in a pod.  I included Tom Braden, of Crossfire fame, in this diagram because I find it fascinating that former CIA operatives are permitted access to the media at all.  Priscilla Johnson McMillan of course later befriended Marina Oswald and wrote, Marina and Lee.  Reportedly she had applied to the CIA for a job and was rejected.  Are you sure?  She looks like a pretty sharp cookie to me.  I have indicated in red the people believed by me to be CIA/OSS or their fellow travelers.  The people in purple worked for AID, the Agency for International Development, reportedly infested with CIA operatives.

An Important Point

That Lee would leave his effects regarding the Walker Caper in Ruth Paine’s garage indicates an extraordinary amount of trust between Lee and Ruth Paine.  Why would Lee be so paranoid about Marina finding out about his dealings regarding General Walker and then freely leave the same incriminating evidence in Ruth Paine’s garage while he was in New Orleans?

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