There were a dizzying array of anti-Castro groups after Fidel’s rise to power.  There were too many groups often running at cross-purposes with one another. This confused the CIA and contributed to the inefficient Bay of Pigs operation as well as subsequent efforts to overthrow Fidel Castro.  In addition, there were Cuban anti-Castro groups operating out of too many cities –  Miami, Tampa, New Orleans, Dallas and Chicago among others.  Operationally, spreading your forces too widely is a poor option.

When we think of Cubans, we think of Miami; we don’t usually think of New Orleans.  Yet Cubans fleeing Fidel Castro settled in all areas of the Caribbean rim.  The Cubans in New Orleans figure prominently when discussing the JFK Assassination, not because they killed JFK, but because of their association with Lee Oswald. 

Following is a pdf in which I summarize the different Cuban groups as they pertain to New Orleans.  Click  below.  After the pdf opens you can zoom in as the pdf is quite detailed.

Sergio Arcacha-Smith

Sergio Arcacha-Smith is important to the discussion principally because of the government’s attempt to shield him from testifying.  They were smart to do so because Arcacha-Smith knew David Ferrie, Carlos Bringuier and much of the goings-on in New Orleans during the five months Lee Oswald spent there from April to September of 1963.  His testimony would have spoiled the government’s narrative that Lee Oswald was a loner and a communist.  Indeed, Oswald was neither a loner nor a communist.

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