Clay Shaw

Now, if you have seen the movie JFK, then you know of Clay Shaw. Why is Clay Shaw significant?  Clay Shaw is significant because of his position within the New Orleans community. He wasn’t just anyone.  He was Mr. Everyone.  Anyone who was anyone in New Orleans or the business world in general knew Clay Shaw.  I have sketched out some diagrams indicating why we owe Jim Garrison a big, big debt.

Yes, I know, these are only associations. Associations don’t produce guilt, but they do serve a purpose. They give us a road map in the way that a map of the cities of the United States gives you a framework upon which you can get from one city to the next.

A map also helps to dispel the myth of randomness, a favorite theory and explanation for the JFK Assassination by Warrenatti. According to the Warrenatti, everything just happened by chance. Nobody knew anybody.

Well, apparently Clay Shaw knew a lot of people. That doesn’t mean Clay Shaw did it; but it might mean that the man who planned the JFK Assassination knew all these people, including Clay Shaw, and used them as tools or patsies.

The federal government and the CIA had and still has a right to be scared of Big Jim.  He had exposed not just a vital piece of the puzzle in the JFK assassination puzzle but also a key link between the cities of Dallas and New Orleans.  


Clay Shaw was also a member of an organization called CMC, Centro Mondiale Commerciale.  I will enclose a short bio of some of the members. Now, there is nothing illegal about people getting together, but these aren’t just anyone.  Many of these members have been linked to CIA and OSS.  

None of this of course proves that Clay Shaw materially participated in the JFK Assassination.  What it does prove is that Clay Shaw was thought of highly – very highly.

Indeed Clay Shaw was not just a dandy hanging out in the French Quarter.  He was an extremely intelligent guy who had marvelous organizational skills which he honed in New York City and Europe.  In New York City he worked for the Lee Keedick Agency which is a lecture agency.  Clay Shaw’s job was to organize lectures for the elite and important.  It’s fair to say that if someone was important Clay Shaw had met him.  In Europe he worked directly under General Charles Thrasher in England and France during WWII.  

Bios of CMC Members

Carlo d’Amelio

Carlo D’Amelio (Naples, 20 May 1902 – Rome, 19 November 1996) was an Italian lawyer.  Count Carlo D’Amelio came from a family of famous Neapolitan jurists. Son of Salvatore D’Amelio, he soon began his career as a lawyer and Guglielmo Marconi was among his clients. He was the Gentleman and Secret Waiter of the cloak and sword of His Holiness and in 1983 he replaced Falcone Lucifero in the role of Minister of the Royal House of Savoy during his exile. He held numerous positions including that of President of the Council of Senators of the Kingdom, Vice President of the Council of the Order of Saints Maurice and Lazarus, Councilor of the Bank of Italy, President of Rotary International, President of the Financial Institute of Labor, President of Rex Club.
Source:  Wikipedia

Gutierrez Michele Spadafora

Gutierrez Michele Spadafora (Palermo , 7 September 1903 – Venetico , 12 February 1987) was an Italian politician .
Gutierrez Michele Spadafora, 12th duke of Spadafora . Chemistry graduate; landowner. He married Giovanna d’Amelio in 1934.
In 1937 he was appointed director of the Banco di Sicilia.
National Councilor of the Chamber of Fasci and Corporations , he was Undersecretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry from 13 February to 25 July 1943.
He joined the Italian Social Republic . Arrested and detained in Regina Coeli after the end of the war, he was released for intervention by King Umberto II on 5 June 1946 .
From 1960 to 1967 he was on the board of directors of the World Commercial Center , a company based in Rome which is now considered a CIA coverage which was in turn a subsidiary of Permindex.
Source:  Wikipedia

Louis Bloomfield

Bloomfield was born August 8, 1906 Westmount, Quebec near Montreal, a city in which his family had roots since the early nineteenth century.

Bloomfield earned a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University in 1927 and a Master of Laws from the University of Montreal in 1930. He also received a Doctor of Laws from St. Francis Xavier University in 1964 and a Doctor of Civil Law from St. Thomas University in 1973.

Bloomfield served in World War II with the Royal Canadian Army Service Corps and retired with the rank of major in 1946.

Bloomfield served as president of Heineken’s Breweries of Canada. He was also named as a major shareholder in the Swiss company Permindex, a company alleged by advocates of some John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories to be a front organization for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Bloomfield was active in public service and described as “a pillar of a number of Montreal charities”. He was president of the Quebec Council of St. John Ambulance, life governor for Montreal Children’s Hospital and the Hôpital Ste Jeanne d’Arc, and vice-president and director of the Reddy Memorial Hospital in Westmount for fifty years. Bloomfiled was a co-founder and vice-president of World Wild Life Fund Canada, an executive member of the National Capital Commission from 1963 to 1976, and governor of the Loyola College Development Board. He served as a member of the Board of Governors of the America Israel Cultural Foundation, the Hebrew University, the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Technion Israel Institute of Technology.  Bloomfield was also an Honorary Consul General for the Republic of Liberia from 1962 until his death.

Bloomfield was the Montreal Chairman of the Israel Histadrut Campaign. In 1967 was reported to have been active in the Histadrut, Israel’s organization of trade unions, for over twenty years. According to The Canadian Jewish Chronicle, Bloomfield and his brother Bernard “played a decisive part in making the Histadrut one of the most respected and influential organizations” in Canada.
Source:  Wikipedia

My Opinion

I don’t believe that Clay Shaw knowingly participated in the assassination of JFK.  I think he was used like so many others were used.  Did he know David Ferrie and Lee Oswald?  Yes, I think he did.  Was he a  member of the CIA?  If you collaborate with the CIA on a regular basis, I think it’s fair to say that you are CIA.

Clay Shaw’s New Orleans Overview from 35,000 Feet

Sometimes it’s dizzying to read about all the connections between people in New Orleans.  Here is one overview from 35,000 feet.

The connection between NASA-Chrysler-Boeing should not be understated.  Andrew Jackson Higgins built Higgins Industries.  Originally from Nebraska, he migrated to the South where he became a boat-maker extraordinaré.  It’s fair to say that Higgins won the war for the United States in both Pacific and European theaters.  His companies at one time employed 80,000 people.  He knew FDR and Ike, and they knew him. He was connected and important to the Defense Industry.  Higgins died in 1952. 

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