George Joannides

Well, if Lee Oswald had a  CIA handler in New Orleans, George Joannides would be a good place to start.  What we may know for sure is that George Joannides was living in New Orleans at the time.  We can suspect such that because the CIA said he was, although we should suspect anything the CIA has to offer.  At any rate, let’s look at some picture of George Joannides.

Now, let’s look at this famous picture.  Focus in on the man to the far right, and let us ask if this is George Joannides.

Before you answer, notice how the other men in the photo tower over him despite any angulation of the photo.  This is significant because of the picture at the top right where George Joannides is receiving an award from Bobby Inman.  Bobby Inman was 5′ 4″ inches when he graduated from high school which we can reasonably expect to be near his completed adult height.  Notice how Bobby Inman towers over George Joannides.  This would place George Joannides height at about 4′ 11″ to 5′ 0″ tall.  I am going to show you why this is significant.  Let’s look at the following spreadsheet.

What I am doing is putting out a police APB for the man standing near Lee Oswald in New Orleans.  The population in New Orleans at the time was near 600,000 people.  Half were males.  The man in the picture appears to be between 30 and 50, which would comprise roughly 20% of the population. The man is remarkably short.  Since Lee Oswald’s height was known at 5′ 8″, and since Lee Oswald towers over this man, I would place the man’s height at around 5′ 0″.  This would place him at the 1% of the population.  What this means is that there are approximately 600 people in New Orleans who fit this description.

But we are not done.  We also notice that the man is white, non-obese, and has certain facial characteristics.  Facial experts divide faces up into various facial categories.  For simplicity of calculation, let’s assume there are 5 basic shapes to the face, although we could easily assume more.  What we can conclude by taking into account these factors is that there are roughly 67 men in New Orleans who will fit this description.

In my opinion, George Joannides would be one of these men. In comparing the man in the “Oswald” photograph to known pictures of George Joannides we can see that both men have wide foreheads and jawlines that taper rapidly  to a point.  The pictures do not depict men with a squared-off jawline.  

Now, of course, this does not prove that the man in the “Oswald” photograph is George Joannides; but there is suspicion, so let us go further.

Is the man in question even associated with Lee Oswald, or is he a man who just happened to be walking by?   Well, he is certainly dressed similarly to the other men in the photograph which gives us suspicion that he is associated to them.  Now, if he is not associated with these men, then we are done with our calculations.  But if we believe that the man is associated with the other men, then we can conclude that the man is a member of the political class.  Taking this as a given for the purposes of this discussion, we can ask ourselves what percentage of the population is a member of the political class?  There really is no hard data on this, but it would seem conservative and safe to say that no greater than 1% of the population has the time of day to stand around and protest; otherwise society would cease to function.  Given this, there is greater than 1:1 chance that the man is indeed George Joannides.

Here are pictures of the face of the man in the picture and George Joannides.

The only reservation I have is the possible part in the hair on the man’s right side.  But this part could be an artifact produced by a receding hairline or the hair being swept to the side by either wind or an errant brush of the hand.

I really did not take into account the man in question’s hair, but we can see that his hair is not gray.  This would tend to place the man closer to 40 years of age.  The receding hairline tends to make me think that he is past 30 years of age.    George Joannides was born on 7/5/22.  This would make him 41 years of age in the summer of 1963.  This fits pretty close with what the age of the man in question appears to be.

Certainly if we were detectives in New Orleans who were looking for the identity of this man, George Joannides would be a man we would interview.

Finally, what I am trying to do in this next sequence of photos is to try and match the heights of Lee Oswald and the man in question.  I tried to pick a point in the wall where they were both crossing just before they got to the women. Then I superimposed the photos.  Photometric analysts can do a more precise calculation.  I probably should have snapped the picture of the man in question a few frames earlier, but I don’t think it will make too much of a difference.  Notice that Lee Oswald is almost a full head taller than the man in question.

Naturally the CIA would be mortified if we could prove conclusively that the man in question was indeed George Joannides.

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