SB’s Friend

Do you see this man at the end of the table on the right hand side?

Does he look like this man?

He does to me.

​If so, this would be important because it give us a clue as to who the man next to him is.  They must be good friends.  The man hiding his face has his arm around him. Is it SB? Well, SB was stationed in the White House by Richard “My boyhood friend is Ben Bradlee” Helms as the Watergate affair was going on. Maybe SB went in there to snoop around  and hook up with his old friend Virgilio who was one of the Watergate burglars.

Maybe not.

Incidentally, do you see the picture of Frank Sturgis up there. Well, Frank Sturgis was in the color guard for General Lucius Clay in post WWII Germany. Seymour Bolten was on the staff of Lucius Clay.

Furthermore, when Richard Nixon held a state dinner for Willy Brandt in 1972, both Seymour Bolton and Lucius Clay were invited to that soirée. What this indicates is that Seymour Bolten was not some lower level staff member in post WWII Germany.

Do you think it’s likely SB knew Frank Sturgis?

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The Virgilio Gonzalez insert is from Wikipedia.

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