One of the more controversial issues involving Lee Oswald was his trip to Mexico City.  Did he go to Mexico City?  The Warren Commission insisted that he did.  Of course the whole point of putting forth this narrative is to portray him as a nut job communist who is on his way to join Fidel Castro. Here is what I think happened.

Lee in Mexico

One of the more controversial issues involving Lee Oswald was his trip to Mexico City in September of 1963.

Did he go to Mexico City?

The Warren Commission insisted that he did.

Of course the whole point of putting forth this narrative is to portray him as a nut job communist who is on his way to join Fidel Castro.

Supposedly Oswald went to Mexico City to gain access to Cuba directly and then indirectly via Russia, but failed.

Disillusioned he then returns to the United States a broken man.

This disillusionment is the fuel that leads him to kill President Kennedy.

But did he go?

The Warren Commission can provide no pictures and no audio recording of Oswald in Mexico City.

They can only point to eyewitness testimony which of course is always subject to doubt. So was Oswald there?
Well, if he wasn’t there, where was he, and what was he doing?
No one is placing him in Dallas for those days between 9/25/63 and 10/3/63.

No one is placing in New Orleans on those days between 9/25/63 and 10/3/63. We can be pretty sure he was somewhere.

I believe that Oswald was sequestered at George Parr’s ranch, Los Orcones, just south of San Diego, Texas.

What I think happened was the following:

Lee Oswald took a bus from New Orleans to Laredo Texas. When he got to Laredo, he climbed aboard a plane and was flown to George Parr’s ranch.

A man posing as Oswald met Lee Oswald in Laredo, picked up his address book and other vital identification papers and then walked across the bridge, grabbed the Flecha Roja bus and traveled to Mexico City from 9/26/63 until 10/1/63.

Meanwhile the real Lee Oswald, at George Parr’s ranch was prepped and briefed as to the mission that he was to carry out over the next seven weeks in Dallas.

While there he met the people who he would be working with. On 10/2/63, Lee Oswald was flown back to Laredo.

He met the Oswald poseur and accepted from him his address book, souvenirs, Mexican money and other vital documents.

He was briefed on what had transpired in Mexico City.
Lee Oswald then got on a bus and headed up to Dallas on 10/2/63.

The Oswald poseur, with a Marina poseur and kids, then rented a car and traveled around the South Texas area where he was seen in Freer, Alice, Corpus Christi and San Antonio.

To sow the seeds of confusion for future investigators.

To create a story of Lee Oswald that could not possibly be true. In that manner people would dismiss his presence in South Texas completely.

Better yet, people associate the Parr ranch with LBJ and go down the rabbit hole that LBJ did it. Why not? Lyndon won’t care; he just wants to be President.

Okay, how can we know that this is what happened? And why would George Parr’s ranch be used? George Parr’s ranch was the perfect place.
George Parr was a rascal.

He was also a man who could keep a secret

And he was a man who could and would enforce silence.

No one was going to spill the beans on what was going on there.

More importantly, George Parr needed protection.

The relationship between the CIA and George Parr was the perfect marriage.

You might say they needed each other.

Plus, George Parr’s ranch was in the middle of nowhere where gunshots would be considered normal.

No game warden was going to tread on those grounds. So is this what really happened?

Well, we know that there were numerous Oswald sightings in South Texas – particularly Freer, Alice, Pleasanton, and Corpus Christi.

We also know that if Oswald was going to do the mission alone, he would need to practice somewhere.

He would also need a place that was out of the way and secure.

We also can confidently conclude that if he was working with a team (he said he was a patsy thus implying collaboration), he would need a secure place to meet the team, be briefed on the mission, and be given time to ask questions and perhaps do several preliminary run-throughs on roughly how the mission would be accomplished.

Or are we to believe this mission was hatched on 11/21/63 at a quarter to midnight? Hmm.
Is there a clincher though, a clue or a piece of evidence that can bring home the bacon? No.
But there’s no clincher for him being in Mexico either.


Hey, what about the McFarland couple, British tourists, who were on the same buses from Houston to Mexico City? Wouldn’t they have noticed the difference if there was a poseur for Lee Oswald?

Not necessarily.

Many times we don’t get a good look at people especially since there is no reason to get a good look at them.

Plus, if we are planning on performing a con, we are going to use people who resemble each other and who are wearing similar clothes.

Who says though that the McFarlands or anyone else explicitly spoke to Lee Oswald from Houston to Laredo?

They didn’t.

They said they noticed him when the sun began to rise at around 6 AM.

Well, it’s a minor point, but sunrise in Corpus Christi, Texas on 9/26/63 was at 7:20 AM.

Still the sun would be out by the arrival of the bus in Corpus Christi when presumably people get up, stretch and take a break.

But did they get a good look at him? Did they talk to him?

If they didn’t identify him by voice, how do they know that another man, the man posing as Lee Oswald, didn’t get on board in Laredo. For all they knew, that man too had been on the bus from Houston.

Did the McFarlands do a through inventory of all passengers on the bus?

Do you log every passenger into your memory when you travel?

Tell me which passengers were sitting next to you when you traveled just a month ago.

I can’t.

Maybe the McFarlands were confabulating with the convenient aid of some very clever memory shapers.

The McFarlands delivered a sketchy affidavit on 5/28/64 – six months after the assassination.

Surely, the Warren Commission could have flown them to the US in such a matter of great national importance in order to be questioned extensively.

Or maybe it wasn’t in their interest. After all, everyone knew that Oswald did it.


Here is a scheme I did for how I think the Oswald to Mexico trip went down.

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