The Hit Team

This is my attempt to put a specific name to some members of the assassination team.  This is conjecture.

Walkie Talkie Man (WTM) was Mike Harari.
Umbrella Man (UM) was Yitzhak Hofi.
Both were up and comers in Israel’s power structure.
Both later served as head of Mossad

Here they are together years later.

Here is my quick colorization.  Okay, I could be wrong here on Umbrella Man.  Experts should be able to settle the matter.

For sure WT Man is wearing light blue in Dealey Plaza.  Umbrella Man is probably wearing blue.  Mike always wears Israeli blue.  Always.  You can scarcely find a picture where he does not wear light powder blue.

Now, as it so happens, the color blue has significance.  Here I will point to a link into Wikipedia. Note that the shade of blue not necessarily be light blue.  I shall also post a screenshot here:

Mike:  2/18/27 to 9/21/14
Age on 11/22/63:  36 years
Yitzhak:  1/25/27 to 9/15/14
Age on 11/22/63:  36 years

Both men were of the right age and the right experience at the time.  They would have been leaders and coordinators of the assassination if they did indeed participate.  If you agree that Israel did contribute to the assassination, it would be a good bet that Mike and Yitzhak would be chosen.  You always go with the smartest and most capable guys in the room.

Important Note

Many of assumed all these years that Louie Steven Witt (LSW)  was UM even though we thought his story was phony.  But why should we believe LSW was UM?  If we believe that WTM is a participant and that this was a professional hit, it would make much more sense that both these men be of the same country or persuasion.  If WTM appears Middle-eastern its a better bet that UM is Middle-eastern also.


As you may know, I also suspect Abraham Zapruder and his assistant, Marilyn Sitzman, of being complicit in the assassination.  Marilyn Sitzman may be wearing a blue coat.  I cannot determine for sure what color suit Abraham Zapruder was wearing that day.  Here it appears black. 

​Here is a colorization of Marilyn Sitzman and Abraham Zapruder after they were getting off the pedestal.

Is this significant? I don’t know, but it should prompt further exploration.  There may be a blue skew to the colorization; you can see that two of the cross beams of the pergola have blue smudges on them.  Professionals should be able to give a better opinion.

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