The Mission

In this section I go over some of the global aspects to the mission.

What Seymour Bolten Figured Out

What SB figured out very early on in planning this assassination was that he had to think how other people, specifically Lee Oswald, would think.  How was he going to get Lee Oswald to own a Carcano yet place one in the TSBD without getting suspicious that he, Lee Oswald, was being set up?  How was he going to get Lee Oswald to leave the TSBD knowing full well that he, Lee Oswald, was the one who set up the decoy nest?  Wouldn’t it be logical, SB thought, that Lee would ask, “Where will I go?  Where will I live?  Clearly I will be a suspect.”

SB also realized that he had to run three simultaneous operations:

  1. Setting up LO as the hotheaded, loutish, commie.
  2. Assassinating JFK.
  3. Linking LO, the commie, to the assassination.  This was accomplished in Ruth Paine’s garage.  This is where LO the commie meets LO the assassin

​He reasoned correctly that Will Fritz and Henry Wade would be all to willing to rush to convict and look the other way when the gift package of LO was presented to them.  He had researched the DPD and knew all about how things were done in Dallas.  SB was well aware of Tommy Lee Walker.
Motivations are so key in planning an operation.  You have to be able to think how the other guy thinks. It’s not just a matter of telling someone to go somewhere. You have to think ahead and ask the questions that they would ask.
SB had plenty of experience of this when he was a POW. These POWs sat around all day and plotted to escape. SB did this for three years. He was good at it.
The point is this: killing a president and framing someone is not just a matter of showing up with a gun and then pointing a finger at someone else.  The event has to be thoughtfully planned.

SB was the most qualified CIA officer to do so.

Is SB Perfect?  Does He Make mistakes?

​Nobody is perfect, but SB is pretty damn close. ​

Where do I think SB made mistakes?

  1. LO was supposed to die in the Texas theater. SB did not count on LO not resisting arrest. The story of LO punching Nick McDonald is a lie.  What SB had planned was for LO to run at which point he would be gunned down.  You can read my website for how I think the arrest went down.  As far as LO kicking and screaming (according to Paul Bentley), what might you be doing if ten men grabbed you and started hauling you off?
  2. SB met with Jack Ruby in the synagogue on Friday night when other people were there. There were people who saw Jack Ruby in the synagogue that night. One lady was interviewed. When she was asked who Jack Ruby was associating with, the camera cut off.  Clearly Ruby was meeting with someone the CIA felt you should not know about.
  3. Appearing at the press conference when LO was trotted out before the nation.  He would risk being photographed.  He hd no choice.  Jack Ruby had to be chaperoned into the conference to assure he would not be thrown out.  Jack Ruby was to have shot Oswald that Friday night had the opportunity presented itself.

Admittedly these mistakes are minor.  All in all, he did a solid job in planning the assassination.

Still, everyone has weaknesses that bring them down. Your strength is your weakness. SB’s strength is his meticulousness. He plans meticulously. The problem is that other people are not meticulous. Other people do not take the same care that SB does.

What SB Knows That You Don’t Know

​SB knows that the Tippit killing is not essential to the mission. The Tippit killing is gravy.

SB knows that the Tippit clock begins only when JDT has the time to get to Oak Cliff.  SB understands that JDT might get called on a routine call.  SB knows that JDT might not make it to North Oak Cliff at a very specific time.  That’s okay, because LO is in the TT already for the next two hours.  The cats in the bag; the bag’s in the river.

When JDT gets to the GLOCO, Fake Oswald gets in the cab and we’re off to the races.  The clock gets pushed back by the delay.  Nothing else changes.

If during the short 30 minutes that it will take to complete the mission, JDT is called by dispatch, he only has to say he is at lunch.  You know, he never clocked out for lunch, right?  Aren’t officers supposed to notify dispatch if they are out of the car?

I go over the JDT nexus points on my website and book.  

​How did SB Integrate with the DFW Community? 

This would not have been too difficult as SB was a CIA officer. The CIA has contacts in all cities.  

This case (the JFK assassination) was done off the books. It was not even necessary for him to meet with certain people he was planning on using.

As a careful planner and executor he would have reserved the important parts of the mission for himself. He would’ve chosen to be the man in contact with Ruby, Oswald and Tippit.  
He would not have delegated these out to other people.

The most logical way to interface with these people would be as a police officer. A police officer has instant access to anywhere he wants to go. A police officer is immediately accepted anywhere he goes. A police officer is never out of place. No one ever goes up to a police officer and says: “Hey, you shouldn’t be here.”  People automatically accept a police officer wherever he is. They may stare and want to know what’s going on, but they never say: “That man doesn’t belong here.”

Posing as a police officer would be the best way to integrate with all three major operatives:  LO, JR and JDT.

Posing as a police officer would allow SB to have access to the evidence room at the police station if he so desired.

Will Fritz and Henry Wade, desperate to avoid looking like national fools, and very accustomed to planting and fabricating evidence (Tommy Lee Walker), would hardly need much convincing that Lee Oswald was the man and that the evidence must show that.

It would not be unusual for a police officer to show up in Jack Ruby’s club.  Most likely though, SB made contact with JR at the Shearith Israel synagogue.  It would be very unlikely for either JDT or LO show up there. Of course both JDT and LO were not drinkers, so SB could have made contact with JR at the Carousel Club.

It would not be unusual for a police officer to speak to Lee Oswald.  The most likely place to contact Oswald without running into JDT or JR would be either the Red Cross or the IRC. Both organizations were and are front organizations for the CIA.  William Casey, the past head of the CIA, was for many years working for Leo Cherne at the IRC.  LO’s mom, Marguerite, had made reference to the IRC.  LO implied to his wife in a letter (the Walker letter) that they had friends at the Red Cross (We have friends here. The Red Cross also will help you).

It would not be unusual for a police officer to speak to JDT.  The logical place to accomplish this without running into JR or LO would be Austin’s Barbecue in Oak Cliff where JDT worked as a security guard on weekends.

It was most likely a police officer who gave JR access to the police garage where LO was shot.

It was most likely a police officer who chaperoned JR into the midnight press conference on Friday night.

It was most likely a police officer who planted the gun that killed JDT inside the Texas Theater.

There are so many police officers in the Dallas Police Department that it would not be impossible for an unknown police officer to integrate.  New people are coming in every day.

​How did SB Integrate with the Jewish Community?

Most likely he showed up at either Temple Emanu-El or Shearith Israel under an alias.  Being familiar with the traditions of Judaism, he would have fit right in.

I suspect that Rabbi Silverman was given advance notice of SB’s moving to Dallas.  

Rabbi Silverman was somewhat familiar with George Bush’s older brother at Yale.  Given that George HW Bush was the logical choice to transfer the order from AD (Allen Dulles) to SB to “manage” JFK, it seems logical that SB asked GHWB to prevail upon his brother to contact Rabbi Silverman.  This is obviously conjecture.  It could be however that SB just appeared at the synagogue.  Or SB could have prevailed on any number of influential people he met over the years to speak to Rabbi Silverman.  Rabbi Silverman was friendly with one of the Warburgs which is how he got to Shearith Israel in the first place.  “Eddie” Warburg apparently knew Morris Jaffe (apparently the Morris I. Jaffe, not the Morris D. Jaffe from San Antonio) who knew many people in Dallas.  

Rabbi Silverman would be the logical person to introduce SB to many of the prominent members in the Jewish community.  As a member of Haganah, Rabbi Silverman would know plenty of Dallas Zionists.  This is not to suggest that Rabbi Silverman was in on anything. He was just another person who was used.

It was common for many of the business leaders in the Dallas community to visit many of the Jewish congregations. It would not have been out of line for SB to meet people who attended Temple Emanu-El.

There he would have met Sam Bloom, Abraham Zapruder, David Weisblat, Morty Freedman.

Of course, he could have met Abraham Zapruder or David Weisblat through normal CIA connections.  It has been reported that GHWB knew Abraham Zapruder.

David Weisblat, the part-owner of the Dal-Tex building, has been identified by some authors as a noted Zionist.

Given that the true goal of Zionism (Israel) is for the US and GB to establish a beachhead into the Middle East for the purposes of securing oil and control of the Suez Canal, what the Zionists (Israelis) know, the CIA knows (despite the bullshit).

Again this is not to suggest that these people were material parts of the assassination.  Many were used. It was essential though to eventually involve certain people.  The one person who was unequivocally involved was Abraham Zapruder.

The Logistics

The logistics of the assassination and how it was performed can be seen on my website and books.  I have no desire to go into those logistics here.

The mission to kill JFK was practiced.  A site close by was chosen to simulate as closely as possible the conditions of Dealey Plaza.  Many sites were considered.  SB was a thoughtful person, so he would have considered many types of sites.

He would have considered movie studios (yes, Dallas had a movie industry), ghost towns (Thurber), military bases, old prisons.  He also considered old WWII detention camps located in Kennedy, Crystal City, Seagoville.  He had to consider concealment, proximity, ability to duplicate Dealey Plaza.

Eventually SB chose Burnett Field which was not abandoned but nearly so.  The field would be available.  There would be no games played in October and November.  He had access to the field through an old friend, Amon Carter, Jr,, who was an owner of the Fort Worth-Dallas Rangers.

I have looked at Burnett Field as extensively as I have time for.  From what I can determine, the baseball team had already ceased playing at that stadium.  Essentially the stadium was sitting vacant.  But if perchance games were played there in the summer of 1963, it’s extremely unlikely minor league games would be permitted to interfere with the playoffs and World Series.

Amon Carter, Jr. (ACJ) would also be instrumental in gaining Lee Oswald employment at Leslie Welding.  ACJ’s dad was friendly with IB Hale whose wife Virginia worked at the TEC where Max Clark’s wife also worked.  They got Oswald the job at Leslie Welding.

Max Clark’s wife, Gali, also could give LO introductions to the White Russian Community.

Where Was the Mission Practiced

​SB looked at many sites to practice the mission.  He wanted a site that was accessible and as close to Dealey Plaza as possible. He also needed to re-create Dealey Plaza without being seen. He thought of ghost towns, detention camps, abandoned bases, movie studios. Ultimately he chose Burnett Field. He could access Burnett Field because his former mate Szubin, Amon Carter, Jr., had access to the stadium. Amon Carter, Jr., was a part owner of the Dallas Rangers.

I have enclosed a diagram of how the mission was practiced.

Make no mistake about it: this mission was practiced. Nobody went into DP on a lark.  SB, careful thinker that he was would try to recreate the exact conditions of Dallas, TX:  weather, humidity, azimuth of the sun.

Burnett Field provided accessibility, concealment, proximity and availability.

I examined the possibility of Seagoville as it was relatively close to Dallas.  It’s a possible training site.  It was a federal prison in 1963.  It used to be an internment camp during WWII (this would have fascinated SB).  Conceivably the assassins could have been trained there.  Interestingly enough, Jack Ruby had a contact who lived in Seagoville; Seagoville is listed in his address book.

Here are other fascinating details I discovered. An old base, Camp Wolters, was near the DFW area.  Camp Wolters could have been used to train the assassins.  JDT had trained there before entry to WWII.

D. H. Byrd, the owner of the TSBD,  owned a poultry factory in South Texas in Crystal City, Texas. 

SB and Oak Cliff

People would logically ask: Where did SB live if he planned out the assassination?  He lived in North Oak Cliff right across the street from park in North Oak Cliff. This is the most logical place for him to live. It would be the most equidistant location from Burnett Field, Jack Ruby’s apartment, 10th and Patton, Top Ten Records and the Texas theater, 1026 N. Beckley.  
This would be the center of his operations.

He would be able to fit in because no one would know who he was. He was just another citizen. He was able to meet with his clients in different locations so that they would be unlikely to run into each other. He posed as a Dallas police officer which gave him access to the police department. Of course he was an official member of the Dallas Police Department answerable to no one.  Only the top brass would know that he was there.  This was an order that came from above. Case closed.  His official presence would be off the books.

How did SB Integrate With His Family

SB had a young family in Washington, DC.  

It’s unlikely that his family would visit him in Dallas; that would invite complexity.  Conceivably he could fly back for weekends which was most likely the case.  His family would know the truth, but them revealing the truth would be unlikely if the truth was that they remembered dad not being around much in 1962, 63.  

How Did SB Construct the Mission?

In many respects, he constructed the mission the same way any good author constructs a play or a novel. You get an idea of what you want to accomplish, then you write the ending first. This is the way Edgar Allen Poe wrote The Raven.  Everything in your plot must drive toward that ending.  Since SB had a background in the arts, plays, writing and espionage, writing the plot should be a snap.

After writing the basic plot he examined it obsessively for flaws.  He then condensed the extensive plot down into a treatment (outline), and then a paragraph, and then a one sentence pitch.  If he couldn’t sell it to a studio, he couldn’t sell it to the American people, he most likely reasoned.  

So, the one sentence pitch is:  Crazy, obnoxious, wife-beating, traitorous, commie-loving loser buys a rifle and kills the President of the United States.

That sounds like a good movie.  

With this in mind, SB then amplified to a one page synopsis, then a ten-page treatment.  

The one page synopsis might look something like this.

A disgruntled former Marine named Lee Harvey Oswald comes back to the United States from Russia to where he defected only three years previously. He settles down in the Fort Worth area with his new Russian bride, Marina. He attempts to get steady work but is unsuccessful. He is wild, obnoxious and abrasive. He tries to make friends with the local Russian community, but they do not like him. He tells anyone who will listen that he is a communist.  Because he cannot get work he has a rocky relationship with his wife. He beats his wife. He takes up left wing causes.  He subscribes to many left-wing publications. He buys a rifle and a pistol.  He practices his shooting. He then takes a shot at a former general of the United States, Edwin Walker. Fearing that he might get caught he skedaddles down to New Orleans where he was born. He has relatives in New Orleans. More or less the same cycle repeats itself. He can’t get steady work. His wife joins him off and on.  When she is not with Lee, she is living with a friend in the Dallas area. The friend helps Marina acclimate to the United States.  She acts as a mother hen for the Oswalds. Lee eventually gets tired of living in New Orleans and comes back to live in Dallas. He gets a job working at the Texas School Book Depository. He visits his wife who lives with the friend, the mother hen.  Soon he learns that JFK will visit Dallas. The parade route is announced in the paper. Lee decides to take his rifle to work the morning that JFK will ride by his place of work. He sets up a sniper’s nest and then kills the president.  He then leaves the depository and  goes to his boarding house in Oak Cliff, picks up a gun and tries to escape.  While he is making his escape he is noticed by a police officer who stops him.  Lee pulls out his gun and kills the police officer. He panics, runs down the street and hides in a movie theater where he is shot and killed.  After the fact, much evidence is found in the mother hen’s garage implicating Lee Oswald.
With this in mind, a more detailed treatment is in order.  SB would have known well that writing organizes your thinking. And so in the treatment he could include his rationale for why he was doing what he was doing. The treatment allowed him to organize his thinking globally.

And so SB was able to see that he would need a venue for killing JFK, a venue for training the assassins, a venue for framing the patsy, and a venue for resting the patsy.  And so:

  1. Venue for killing JFK:  Dealey Plaza
  2. Venue for training the assassins:  Oak Cliff
  3. Venue for framing the patsy:  Irving
  4. Venue for resting the patsy: New Orleans

In writing the treatment SB worked out the phases of the mission, Oswald returning from Russia, the move to New Orleans, the return to Dallas.  Of course, he could not plan it on a strict timetable because he had no control of when JFK would visit Dallas.

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