Roger Craig

Roger Craig’s Movements

Here are Roger Craig’s approximate movements in his magic hour from 12:15 PM to  1:15 PM if you choose to believe him.

0:  He is standing around watching the parade as the shots rings out at 12:30 PM.
1:  He runs behind the knoll and stops a lady who is trying to leave in her car.  He turns her over to a colleague, and she is never seen again.
2:  He runs over to the manhole cover where other police officers are examining a mark left in the grass.
3:  He sees Lee Oswald run down the knoll, get into a car and sped away,  He does not actually cross the street at that time.
4:  He runs up to the 6th Floor and sees three spent cartridges stacked in a row by the Dulles Window.
5:  He runs over to the stairwell on the northwest side of the TSBD as the rifle is pulled out from a stack of boxes.

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