Fix the Bus

Archer Crosley writes about the Kennedy assassination.

What you read here, you are not gonna find anywhere else.

I’m not part of any group, and I don’t care. I’m not beholden to any official narrative. The JFK assassination community has been infiltrated by the CIA in order to keep track of what people are thinking, and in order to keep people away from alleys the CIA doesn’t want them walking down.

Members of the JFK Assassination community don’t want to even consider the idea that someone Jewish might be involved in the assassination. They are afraid of being labeled an antisemite. This is understandable but not valid. It’s not valid because no true Jew would assassinate a President, just as no true Christian would do the same.

Look, I know it’s a sensitive issue to bring Jews into the conversation, but it has to be done. Number one, Jews are people too, and to not bring them into the assassination picture as co-equals is to say that Jews aren’t people who are able to commit crimes – which ironically is a form of discrimination as you are excluding Jews from humanity. Number two, the CIA and the fake Christians are using Mossad as a shield to keep you from getting at the truth.

What we have in the world today are fake Christians, fake Jews and fake Muslims making our lives miserable so that they can get rich.

Fuck them.

If we don’t take these criminals down, they are going to take us down. You know who knows this better than we do? CIA officers. The majority of them know that their organization is corrupt.

Amos Euins and Confabulation

Here is the testimony of young Amos Euins who was at the corner of Elm and Houston as John Kennedy approaches and rounds the last street corner of his life. Mr. Euins has a front-row seat to history. This is the affidavit he gave this day. This is what he saw. In short order I […]

Demonizing Oswald

It was and is essential to Warren Commission defenders to demonize Oswald as much as possible. Demonizing Oswald as a man with no good traits and all bad traits was and is essential to the narrative of an unstable man who desperately wanted to salvage his life by killing JFK. The effort to demonize Oswald […]

Ten Reasons Why Oswald Didn’t Do It

Since silly reasons are given to convict Oswald, I thought it appropriate to find equally silly reasons to exonerate Oswald. One: He didn’t drink.  Nor did he smoke. Lemonade appears to be his drink of choice when frequenting a bar. Two: He loved his children. He doted on his children.  He loved the other children […]

Ten Reasons Why Oswald Did it

One: Oswald was a conversation killer. In this exchange he proves it. Two: He skipped school to go to the zoo. Take note, animal lovers. Three: He enjoyed finer things. Again, PJM tells us so. When he visited Marina at Elena Hall’s house, he was thrilled that the icebox was full. He even laid down […]

Oswald the Loner

The goal of the WC is to clearly paint LHO as a man whose personality and mental composition was rapidly decomposing up to the time of the JFK assassination. He certainly has been described by the WC supporters as a man who is psychologically compromised.  That would include authors like Guy Russo, Gerald Posner and […]

Alex Kleinlerer

What I would like to discuss is the Kleinlerer incident. Alex Kleinlerer was a Polish emigre living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He was a friend of Elena Hall, and Marina was staying at Elena Hall ‘s home. LHO would come to visit. He relates a particular incident, perhaps the only incident where Marina was […]

Were Lee and Marina Spies

Many people have thought so, but does thinking make it so? Let’s put aside the traditional argument that Marina and Lee were able to enter the United States so quickly. That point is clearly being contested. So I see a little point in going down that alley. Certainly people in the white Russian community suspected […]

Oswald and Ferrie

Well … the Warren Commission and its cheerleaders certainly don’t want you to make the connection between LHO and DF (David Ferrie), because that might led you to Clay Shaw. Why is that? Why were the elites so concerned about the connection being made to Clay Shaw. Or were they just worried that Jim Garrison […]

Carlos Bringuier

One of the things you learn when you study the Kennedy assassination as it pertains to New Orleans is that nobody knows anybody. Cuban operatives and suspected individuals walk around in an isolated vacuum. Certainly no one knew Oswald in a meaningful way. Carlos Bringuier was a Cuban expat who came to New Orleans in […]

John McCloy

John McCloy was a member of the Warren Commission. Let’s examine him. Here are a few excerpts from Wikipedia. Let’s look at the Malmedy Massacre. Let’s not gloss over it on our way to something else. Let’s find out who Joachim Peiper was. I don’t know as I write these words. I am learning as […]


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