Fix the Bus

Archer Crosley writes about the Kennedy assassination.

What you read here, you are not gonna find anywhere else.

I’m not part of any group, and I don’t care. I’m not beholden to any official narrative. The JFK assassination community has been infiltrated by the CIA in order to keep track of what people are thinking, and in order to keep people away from alleys the CIA doesn’t want them walking down.

Members of the JFK Assassination community don’t want to even consider the idea that someone Jewish might be involved in the assassination. They are afraid of being labeled an antisemite. This is understandable but not valid. It’s not valid because no true Jew would assassinate a President, just as no true Christian would do the same.

Look, I know it’s a sensitive issue to bring Jews into the conversation, but it has to be done. Number one, Jews are people too, and to not bring them into the assassination picture as co-equals is to say that Jews aren’t people who are able to commit crimes – which ironically is a form of discrimination as you are excluding Jews from humanity. Number two, the CIA and the fake Christians are using Mossad as a shield to keep you from getting at the truth.

What we have in the world today are fake Christians, fake Jews and fake Muslims making our lives miserable so that they can get rich.

Fuck them.

If we don’t take these criminals down, they are going to take us down. You know who knows this better than we do? CIA officers. The majority of them know that their organization is corrupt.

Seeing the Sights

LHO rolled into Mexico City around 10 AM on a Friday, 10/27/63. Supposedly he only had 3 to 4 days to accomplish what he needed to do because his tourist visa was only good for that amount of time. That seems suspicious, because when I was living in Mexico, I and all my friends were […]

Making the Case

We need to place Lee Oswald somewhere in later September 1963, and it sure isn’t Mexico City. Nor is it in Dallas, Houston or New Orleans. We need him in a secure place for a specific reason which is to integrate him within the team that will assassinate the President. We need a secure place […]

George Parr’s Ranch

I wish I was a literary giant and could use words in a way that would make you believe what I say, but I don’t have that ability. Maybe it’s best that I don’t. I want to make the case that George Parr’s ranch is a better story than Lee Oswald in Mexico. Yes, at […]

God and JFK

Do you believe in God? Suppose God saw what happened with JFK in Dealey Plaza but could not prevent what he (God is male, right?) knew would happen, nor tell us what happened through an NDA he had signed with himself, but could let us know what happened through other means. Do you believe he […]

Lee in Sunny Mexico

Where was Lee Oswald between 9/25/63 and 10/3/63? Do we trust the eyewitnesses and bus ticket evidence from Mexico, or do we trust the eyewitnesses from South Texas who swear Oswald was hanging around their neck of the woods at the time. How about neither? Eyewitness testimony after the Lee Oswald story had been plastered […]

Jim Garrison

I’ve read enough of Jim Garrison over the years to form an educated opinion. Without getting too close to the trees so as to miss the forest, let us say that Jim Garrison was first and foremost a politician. He thought like a politician. He acted like a politician. Politicians play by a different set […]

Clay Shaw

Suppose that you were a detective assigned to find out all you could about Lee Oswald on 11/23/62. You were assigned to go down to New Orleans where he grew up and find out everything you could. Suppose that you spent the next five years doing that to make sure that you got everything right. […]

Gus Russo and JFK

I’m reading Gus Russo’s book on the JFK Assassination, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I suppose I can enjoy it because I believe that LHO was part of the assassination team. It doesn’t bother me to believe such. I just don’t believe he pulled the trigger. Why would an assassination architect employ anyone but […]

James Worrell

One other individual who is mentioned as having seen the shooter on 11/22/63 is James Worrell who was standing at the southeast corner of the TSBD on the northwest corner of Elm and Houston. He is opposite to where Howard Brennan is sitting, although he is looking at Howard Brennan face on whereas Howard Brennan […]

The Dal-Tex Building

For years I’ve been staring at the Dal-Tex Building. It seems like the logical place from which to kill the President. It has so many more advantages. Now, if you are a conditioned serf who chooses to go to the mat for the murderous elite who run the CIA which pulls dirty tricks around the […]


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