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Archer Crosley writes about the Kennedy assassination.

What you read here, you are not gonna find anywhere else.

I’m not part of any group, and I don’t care. I’m not beholden to any official narrative. The JFK assassination community has been infiltrated by the CIA in order to keep track of what people are thinking, and in order to keep people away from alleys the CIA doesn’t want them walking down.

Members of the JFK Assassination community don’t want to even consider the idea that someone Jewish might be involved in the assassination. They are afraid of being labeled an antisemite. This is understandable but not valid. It’s not valid because no true Jew would assassinate a President, just as no true Christian would do the same.

Look, I know it’s a sensitive issue to bring Jews into the conversation, but it has to be done. Number one, Jews are people too, and to not bring them into the assassination picture as co-equals is to say that Jews aren’t people who are able to commit crimes – which ironically is a form of discrimination as you are excluding Jews from humanity. Number two, the CIA and the fake Christians are using Mossad as a shield to keep you from getting at the truth.

What we have in the world today are fake Christians, fake Jews and fake Muslims making our lives miserable so that they can get rich.

Fuck them.

If we don’t take these criminals down, they are going to take us down. You know who knows this better than we do? CIA officers. The majority of them know that their organization is corrupt.

The Case for Seymour Bolten

In this file I make the case for why Seymour Bolten is a good choice to have planned the JFK assassination. Of course, no one can go back in time and say that he did do it. But if I were going to select someone to plan the assassination, I would choose him. You can […]

I’ve Struggled

I’ve struggled with a way to not mention Christians or Jews on this website, but it is not possible to understand who killed JFK and why, unless you bring religion and the lack of it into the discussion. Jews, or rather people who call themselves Jews, in Dallas were used by Seymour Bolten to effect […]

David Phillips

Who was David Phillips? It has been hinted at over the years that David Phillips may have been Lee Oswald’s handler as it pertains to the Kennedy assassination. I do not agree. Here I discuss why.

Conspiracies are Not Possible

Remember, everyone, conspiracies cannot happen. Operation Zapata, described here, otherwise known as the Bay of Pigs invasion, proves it. “Many of the veterans of Operation Success returned to reprise their roles from six years earlier. Dulles welcomed the idea but, as usual, did not ride herd on the details. Tracey Barnes, who had done so […]

Lee’s Visa Application

One of the key pieces of evidence that confirms for Warren Commission disciples that LHO was in Mexico was his picture attached to his visa application at the Cuban embassy. Not so fast. How do we know that picture was not substituted later? Now, you may ask, what benefit would this be to Fidel Castro […]

Lee’s Signatures

One of the key pieces of evidence for Oswald being in Mexico is his signature at the Hotel Comercio. According to G Robert Blakey and others this is definitive evidence that he was there because hand writing experts have stated that this is Lee Oswald’s signature. Whew, well, that’s it, we can all go home. […]

Richard Case Nagell Redux

The key to magic is distraction. In his book, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Dick Russell is trying to make the point that Lee Oswald was an intelligence operative who was working with Cubans as well as men in New Orleans to assassinate the President of the United States. The key to his story […]

Oswald’s Radical Literature

Now, of course, we all know by now that LHO was no communist, despite the protestations of the Warren Commission acolytes. LHO was an intelligence operative employed by the US government. But for the sake of argument, let’s say he was. Precisely what kind dangerous literature was LHO reading? How about this by Corliss Lamont: […]

Richard Case Nagell

I am going to write this article with a relative state of ignorance. I am pretty sure I read Dick Russell’s book many years ago, but I can’t find it in my library. So I ordered it again. Hopefully it will give me more information than what I can get from the Internet. If I […]

Oswald Down the Stretch

How do we define Lee Oswald’s mood and temperament as his day of destiny approached. What is going through his mind? How would you summarize his psychological makeup and condition if you choose one word? I will choose the word foreboding. Lee seems to know his inescapable destiny – and can do little about it. […]


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