CIA Infiltration

The CIA has infiltrated the JFK Assassination community.  Why?  At first thought, one might think to steer the assassination toward blind alleys.  That seems like a safe bet until you come to understand that the CIA has no friggin’ idea how this assassination was pulled off.  Sure, they have a damn good idea, but like the rest of us, they want to know more.  What do I mean?

This assassination was conceived by a CIA assassination architect, but it was conceived off the books.  It was too important to be on the books.  There will never be a piece of paper uncovered in the CIA archives entitled “Operation JFK.”  Never.  All we will get at best are confirmations of what we already suspect; but there will never be a “killer” memo.

Given that what I have attempted to do is get in the mind of the assassination architect. I feel that what is missing in the JFK debate is a prospective theory that makes sense.  Sometimes I have to stretch a bit, but it’s better than not stretching at all because right now the debate is dead in the water.  What I can provide are new avenues to go down.

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