Prospective Thinking

To sort out some of the crazy ideas of the JFK assassination, one must think prospectively.  You have to get into the mind of the architect. The architect does not know what is going to happen in the future. This is going to influence what he’s going to do.  Yes, we in the future know what happened, but the architect does not.  For example, if the architect tells Lee to leave the Depository immediately after the assassination he has to consider that Lee will ask him: Won’t that bring attention to me?   The architect needs to then think how he’s going to persuade Lee to leave the Depository.  

Similarly, if the architect decides to create a turkey shoot in Dealey Plaza with multiple shooters from different directions, he hast to consider what people will hear with so many shots going off. Will there be more than four shots?  If there are more than four shots heard, it will be difficult to blame the assassination on one person given the speed of the presidential limousine and the length of Elm Street.  Furthermore, how will he coordinate the snipers?  What happens if one shoots too early and the driver of the Presidential limousine, Mr. Greer, gets spooked and floors it out of there too early?  When you begin thinking forward instead of backwards, you quickly come to realize that the assassination was a highly choreographed and practiced event.

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