The Alignment Myth

Let’s look at one of the later lies to come across my viewing screen. 
In order to justify the single bullet theory, which is, of course, difficult to do, Warrenatti have decided that John Connally was sitting one foot interior to that of JFK. 
To anyone who never examines a picture, it looks like it could happen. ​
Especially when Warrenatti pump out fake diagrams like this. ​

Unfortunately, reality strikes. 
Here is what I am talking about. 
This photo was taken right before the assassination. 

Red is the edge of the car.
Green is the outer edge of Governor Connally’s shoulder. Mauve is the tip of JFK’s nose.
Purple is the inner edge of JFK’s shoulder.
Blue is the vertex of the skull. 
These lines are parallel. 
As you can see, all three men are aligned with each other. 
Yes, there are minor differences, but the differences balance out. 
Most importantly, the vertices of their skulls match up pretty well. 
Most people’s heads sit directly above their spinal column when sitting. 
This dispels the myth, churned out by Warrenatti, that Governor Connally was sitting about a foot to the inside of JFK. 
They needed that to make their single bullet theory work. 
Of course, their pet theory could still work, but any theory must comport with reality. 
If you are going to be stupid, be correctly stupid.
Now, for those, who want to believe that they magically switched their positions just before they were shot … Sorry, babe.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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