The Myth of Oswald the Disconnected Loner

Who knew that Oswald was Forest Gump?

Here is a timeline of Oswald’s movements after getting back from Russia.  The goal is to help show the relationship between world events and his movements.  Notice that Oswald buys his weapons, gets himself photographed with the weapons and takes the shot at General Walker within a very tight timeframe in March and April of ’63.  This happens right before he moves to New Orleans where he finds a job at Reily Coffee Company.  Then in New Orleans he immediately immerses himself in leftist politics.  So, is Oswald another Forest Gump who finds himself walking into history?  Is this possible?  Is Oswald a babe-magnet for political events?  

  • Oswald comes back and meets the White Russian community.
  • Finds and shoots General Walker, a right-wing general. 
  • ​Works at JCS that does work with the CIA.
  • Works at Reily Coffee Company which has connections to right-wing anti-Castro people.  This is a strange place for a communist to work.
  • Meets Judith Vary-Baker at Reily Coffee Company who is recruited by Alton Ochsner, a right-wing doctor, to do research on producing viruses that can cause cancer.  
  • Passes out leaflets for Fair Play for Cuba Committee.
  • Gets into scuffle with pro-Castro Cubans.  Gets interviewed on radio and television.
  • Visits Mexico City reputedly to defect but may have been on a mission to deliver carcinogenic biologicals to Cuban contacts.  Deterred by Hurricane Flora.
  • Works at the TSBD on the day JFK rides by.

Is this all  just a coincidence?

Please notice the connection between Oswald’s major movements (from Dallas to New Orleans to Dallas) and world affairs.  He moves to Dallas as the Cuban Missile Crisis is underway, moves to New Orleans as hint is given by LBJ of JFK’s visit to Dallas, moves back to Dallas after JFK’s visit is announced publicly.  

Here are his friends in New Orleans.  If you have walked around the French Quarter, you have walked right close by where Oswald used to hang out.  

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