Touchy Subjects: Fake Jews and Fake Christians

There were a lot of people who were used in the JFK assassination.  Many were Christians; many were Jews.  Unfortunately because of the age we live in, nobody can accuse  a Jew of anything, because the moment we do, the fools rush in and cry antisemitism.  Yet no one makes a similar cry when a Christian is accused.  For decades now all sorts of Christians have taken the heat for the JFK assassination, and yet the picture is clear before us:  All sorts of people were used in this caper – Jews and Christians.  But to be fair, we shouldn’t call any of them Jews and Christians at all because 90% of the adherents of any religion don’t know the basics of their religion; and of the 10% who do, 90% don’t follow it.  So what’s the point?

​Now, why does it matter that there were many so-called Jews involved. Some prominent authors have stated that a person’s religion doesn’t matter. But it does. In the case of the Jews, from the standpoint of the religion itself, the religion in its pure form does not matter at all.  But from the standpoint of Jews as an oppressed group who have had to stick together in order to survive for the past 2000 years, it does matter.  It matters because a clever individual, an assassination architect,  could appropriate that insular group for his own purposes. In the case of Christians it matters because all sorts of fake Christians have wrapped the robes of Jesus around themselves to conduct their messianic zeal. Killing JFK is justified by saving the world from the antichrist – communism and their promoters.

Jack Ruby was sold on the idea of murdering Oswald for the good of Israel. He stated that he did it for the Jews.  Why should we disbelieve him?  Sam Bloom, for the same reason, could have been persuaded to push hard for a route through Dealey Plaza.  Abraham Zapruder, a known Zionist, would not have needed much convincing at all to film the assassination.  Does their conjectured involvement indict Judaism?  No, not any more than Oswald and Shaw’s involvement indicts Christianity.  Who it would indict is themselves.

Allen Dulles and his sort cloaked their greed and lust for power within the more lofty goal of saving the world for Christ. Jesus was a businessman, don’t you know. The Christian right will kill in the name of Jesus. It seems likely that Gerald Ford, an active collaborator after the fact, and George Bush, a likely supporter before the fact, cried real tears in church.

All of these mend are fakes.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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