Edward Jay Epstein

Let’s talk about a man who should be discussed – Edward Jay Epstein.  Yes, even the investigators are part of the saga; they must be because so many of them helped the government sell its case to the public. They still do to this day.  I want to talk about Mr. Epstein here because he was the man who spoke to George D  the days or days before he killed himself.  Who is Edward Jay Epstein?   I honestly don’t know, so let’s find out.  We will make this a work in progress.

​To begin with, the Wikipedia page on him is sparse which is surprising given his stature.  He was born in 1935 and is still alive!  This is surprising to me because I have watched many, many videos about the JFK Assassination and have never seen him.  Perhaps he desires to be somewhat reclusive; that’s okay; I am a hermit also.  He graduated from Cornell University for undergraduate studies and later completed his Ph.D. in government at Harvard.  He has written several books about the JFK Assassination:

Inquest:  The Warren Commission and the Establishment of Truth
​Legend:  The Secret World of Lee Harvey Oswald

I have not read these books and I’m not sure I can give a fair evaluation of his books or the man himself.  I can not do this because I possess an innate distrust of people who attend Ivy League Schools.  I’m not precisely sure why I should feel this way as both my father and grandfather attended Ivy League institutions, but it’s there in my psychology.  I suppose somewhere in my thought process I wonder why, if someone knows he is smart, he or she needs validation from an Ivy League institution.  Why are they attending the Ivy League school?  To get an education, or to join an elite group that in my opinion has done great harm to the peoples of the United States and the world? Why isn’t a regular school enough?  What can they possibly teach you there that is not in a book or journal somewhere?  

Don’t get me wrong,  I do understand why people attend Harvard and Yale.  It’s just that I don’t get it.  I really don’t, and I never have.  When I was in 11th grade, I took an AP course in history; one of my classmates was a bright boy named Steve.  One day, I found Steve completing an application.  I asked hm what he was doing, and he replied:  “I’m filling out an application to Yale.”  I was confused.  Why would he want to apply to a school so far away?  Why not a local school? It never occurred to me at that age that our world could be so damaged that where you went to school carried more weight than your words.  When I asked Steve why he was filling out the application to Yale, he replied:  “Because I want to go to Harvard.”  That made sense.

A few years ago, I emailed a prominent JFK Assassination researcher who had attended Harvard.  I causally, humorously alluded to him being a member of Murder, Inc.  I thought I was being funny; or was I being serious?  Probably both.  If someone buys into the BS at the age of seventeen that there is such a thing as the best and brightest and fervently aspires to be one of the elites, how likely are they to break free of that cult?  So, when a JFK Assassination researcher comes from the Ivy League, can we be sure that what we are getting is the truth? Or are we getting BS from Corporate America?  Long ago, I concluded that the real purpose of the Ivy league was to train the officers of Corporate America.  There is nothing wrong with this if you happen to believe in Corporate America’s goals and results.  I don’t think 500,000 Iraqis dead, 400,000 Syrians dead and millions of Syrians living in tents is what our Founding Fathers intended America to be.

Given all that, I’m not sure I want to read Mr. Epstein’s books even if he might happen to think the Warren Commission was a giant fable.  Maybe he does, I don’t know.  What I do know is this:  The CIA is not going to sit idly by and allow the JFK Assassination community to get too close to the truth; they are going to do their best to “persuade” people.  They will infiltrate the JFK Assassination community and place their natural leaders in there who will do their best to lead the community down fruitless paths.  Of course they will.  Why would the CIA want the truth to be known?  

Mr. Epstein has been riding with a first-class ticket for more than six decades now.  He has undoubtedly made many friends who “run” America.  Is he likely to ruffle feathers and risk getting kicked out of the first class cabin?  Nobody likes a traitor, and betrayal is the only crime we humans do not forgive.  

Is Mr. Epstein on the CIA payroll?  I have no evidence that he is.  I do know that the CIA injects itself into newsrooms; that’s not a fantasy.  Also, I have to ask why James Jesus Angleton would even talk to Mr. Epstein at all.  George D did, and where did it get him?

Note:  I’m not saying or implying that Mr. Epstein had anything to do with George D’s death.  What did Mr. Epstein say to him?  Was George D. suicidal at the time?  Had George D. made prior attempts at suicide?  Apparently he was depressed; but if he was that depressed, why didn’t he commit suicide earlier?  Or why not testify and then do yourself in?  Perhaps he thought of that.  If he thought of that, perhaps the CIA did also.  Maybe the CIA threatened to kill his daughter if he testified the wrong way.   Maybe they just cut to the chase and told him to kill himself right then and there or else they would kill his daughter immediately.

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