More Reasons for a Frontal Shot

Here are even more reasons to suspect a front shot.

Now, why do schmucks like me think the head shot came from JFK’s right front?

We don’t need to believe this, you know. There’s plenty of other evidence that supports a conspiracy.

Did we wake up one day and have nothing else better to do but support a shot from the front?


Here are some reasons.

1. People ran up the grassy knoll. They could have run anywhere. Were they going for a free scoop of vanilla ice cream? Were they all part of a mass psychosis?

2. The grassy knoll has a fence from which an assassin might hide behind. It seems logical that an assassin might shoot from there.

Assassin’s Thought Process: Grassy knoll? Let’s see. High ground. Concealed location. Excellent proximity. No, forget it. I’ll look for a better place.

3. Witnesses saw what they perceived as gun smoke coming from the knoll. I agree it was a windy day; and I also agree that gun smoke typically only comes out after much firing. Still, why would people make this up? And was gun smoke actually captured on the Wiegman film?

What about the people who smelled gunpowder?

How about Senator Ralph Yarborough from Texas who was there in Dealey Plaza? Would he be credible enough? He served in the military. How about Officer Billy Martin who was riding just to the left of the President’s limousine? There were others.

Check out “Murder from Within” by Fred T. Newcomb.

4. Blood was splattered on Officer Hargis and his motorcycle. Officer Hargis was to JFK’s left rear.

High impact blood splatter is typically listed at 100 feet per second. So, it seems reasonable to use that number.

Given that Officer Hargis was only 15 feet maximum away from JFK, he would have been struck almost instantaneously. You can note via the Zapruder film itself how fast the blood flare was dissipating.

The idea that Officer Hargis drove into the splatter is ludicrous. The ejected blood would not have slowed down in mid-air for Hargis to catch up with it.

Indeed, since Officer Hargis was moving at 11 feet per second, by the time he moved forward one foot, laterally ejected blood splatter would already be approximately 4 feet to the left of him (he was probably 5 feet to the left of JFK).

Now, it just so happens that I don’t give a damn because it’s possible for a rear shot to project blood spray backwards. I just wanted to speak to the idiocy of Officer Hargis riding into a blood spray.

Nevertheless, the majority of the egressed fluid should move away from the direction of the shot. The fact that Officer Hargis was hit with what appears to be a substantial amount of blood and brain supports a front shot scenario.

5. Why is John Connolly not drenched in blood to the degree that Officer Hargis was?

Do you see a lot of blood here?

Z 316 is 3/18 seconds after JFK is shot. At 100 feet per second, the blood should have traveled 300/18 or 16.66 feet. John Connolly is only a few feet away.

Does John Connolly speak much about being drenched in blood and brain tissue?

Thank you.

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