Reasons to Suspect a Frontal Shot

Why do schmucks like me think the head shot came from JFK’s right front?

1. If the bodily evidence was so clearly supportive of a rear shot, why was it necessary to high-tail it out of Dallas to the safety of Bethesda where a political autopsy could be performed under the supervision of people who had a reason to cover it up? Oh, I know. Jackie wanted to go. It’s all her fault.

Yes, she may have wanted to go. That’s understandable. But it wasn’t like anyone in the power establishment was holding her back.

What probably scared them was a legitimate coroner standing ready to do a legitimate autopsy.

JFK was pronounced dead at 1:00 PM. The hearse carrying JFK left Parkland at 2:04 PM. Secretariat couldn’t have gotten out of the gates faster.

2. Acoustical evidence from the police dispatch, which I never had much confidence in to begin with, does support at least one gun shot from the knoll. And, there is also the acoustical evidence known as the human ear and memory, present on many witnesses in Dealey Plaza.

I agree that ear witness testimony can be unreliable. And it is true that a supersonic bullet can not be localized by the human ear with precision.

Yet, the Warren Commission didn’t hesitate at all to rely on ear witnesses who heard shots from the TSBD.

3. If you rob a bank, your first concern is getting caught, not getting the money. If you get caught, you go to jail. If you (as the CIA) kill the President, your first concern is killing the President, not getting caught. Why? Because if you kill the President, you control the investigation. If you fail to kill him, you die.

Consequently, it is essential that you kill the President. For that reason, you will place a shooter behind the grassy knoll to give you an extra edge. If he gets caught, so what? It’s more important that the President die.

No assassination team worth its own salt would not have a front shooter.

4. Why would a team of shooters exclusively take up a position in the TSBD sighting right into the sun?

Wouldn’t it be best to spread risk by taking an additional position in which sun glare would be less of a factor?

The sun shadow line essentially ran on a line at Z313 from JFK to Nellie Connolly. The sun was not high in the sky. Remember, the month was November; hence, the sun was 36.9 degrees above the horizon.

5. If Oswald was smart enough to pull off this assassination on his own, why wasn’t he smart enough to walk down to the knoll at 12:15 PM with his rifle in a violin case and shoot the President from the grassy knoll – a concealed location, on higher ground and with easier egress?

Or he could have used the “curtain rod excuse” and said: “Well, Buell, it’s 12:15 PM. I’m going home now with my curtain rods in my paper sack.” Remember, Oswald was a smart guy with an IQ of 118 but probably a full 10 points higher. He had learned the Russian language fluently as an adult.

6. The flap line on Z314 appears to be at just above the ear at about a 22 degree downward angle. This seems consistent with a frontal shot. The rear shot as espoused by the Warrenatti places the shot much higher in the head; thus the flap line would be higher.

Are those enough reasons?

Copyright 2018 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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