Texas Theater

Here is the position of Dallas Police Officers as they encountered Lee Oswald in the Texas Theater. This I reconstructed from their testimonies as best I could. How would the officers to the rear of Oswald know to specifically circle behind him given that the house lights were extremely dim? How would the officers to the rear or side know that any of the other patrons were not their man? Apparently no one else was detained. Johnny “Eagle Eye” Brewer was down by the screen. He couldn’t have possibly pointed out with any specificity a man that the officers to the rear of the theater would have interpreted as the potential killer of Tippit. Something seems amiss here.

What seems logical to me is that another man was there, a mystery man, who specifically pointed Lee Oswald out to the officers and informed them that Oswald was unarmed. It seems strange that Nick McDonald would approach a man, who was reported as armed, without his gun drawn.

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