Walking and Talking About JFK

In this video, I walk the Vegas Strip and talk about Ruth Paine and Seymour Bolten. I get a little out of breath, but I discuss some important points. Here is an accompanying diagram of the Paine connections. I have also included a diagram of Oswald’s movements in relation to world affairs. I think this is important because you can correlate Oswald’s movements with major events that happen with regard to US-Cuba relations.

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One response to “Walking and Talking About JFK”

  1. I probably should have mentioned here that all espionage agents are to a degree double agents. You have to give a little to get a little. So this might explain that while Marina might be working primarily for the Russians, she was probably also working a little for the Americans. Same for Lee although reversed. It sure doesn’t seem likely that both of them were not working for anyone. Lee was fluent in Russian from the moment he entered Russia. It might also be the case that Marina was fluent in English but faking it. She did take a bus trip to Fort Worth by herself on at least one occasion as I recall.


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