The Automatons

This is a nice little essay I did on the people who witnessed the assassination on 11/22/63.


Let’s begin with a question.

Why are the people in this picture so fascinating?

I’m talking about the people on the sidewalk, not the famous people in the car.

Watch them here, and if you desire, go to YouTube and watch them closely as the President’s car slowly moves down Elm Street.

These are the last people to witness the closing of an era.

In just under a few seconds, JFK will disappear behind that sign and everything they know will change.

They just don’t know it yet.

I’m fascinated by pictures like this.

I like to watch movies like The Wizard of Oz which came out in 1938 just before WWII.

In these movies and other movies of that era, people are dancing happily without a care in the world.

I stare at those movies and say to myself: My gosh, these people have no idea, not a clue of an idea what is about to hit them.

They can’t see that the world is going to blow up in front of them.

I wonder what is going through their minds.

If they knew, I say to myself, they wouldn’t be dancing or singing.

Those people are stuck in their own time warp forever.

So too the people in this picture.

They know nothing about Afghanistan and Iraq.

The World Trade Center has not even been built.

Vietnam is barely a care in their daily lives.

They are innocent.

They are also the last people to see JFK alive.

They represent an era slowly slipping away.

They are the last of the Mohicans.

Now, I understand that it has become a cliche to use JFK’s death as a magical inflection point
to explain all of society’s ills.

People a half century earlier used the Titanic disaster upon which to deliver their personal societal epitaphs.

So what?

Inflection points are good.

They serve as a resting point to reassess our priorities.

And if people say these things about JFK and his death, it is because they are true.

That is how cliches arise.

Now, look closely again at this picture.

This picture interests many assassination researchers because the people on the
sidewalk are just standing there.

They aren’t waving, clapping or carrying on.

The President of the United States is coming by, and they are just standing there.

I jokingly call these people The Automatons.

Some researchers point to their lack of liveliness as evidence that the Zapruder film has been
tampered with.

These researchers want to know why the people aren’t jumping up and down or waving.

Now, it just so happens, I too believe the Zapruder film has been tampered with.

Just not here.

I don’t believe the behavior of these people reflects tampering.

I don’t blame younger researchers for believing such as they did not live prior to JFK’s assassination.

They do not know how the world was.

But this is how people behaved before 11/22/63.

Just as movie people danced and sang in a gay manner prior to WWII, people behaved like civilized human beings prior to JFK’s death.

Sure, we’ve always had classless animals in society, but for the most part people displayed more dignity.

People restrained their impulses in public.

At an event like this, you dressed a little more formally.

And you didn’t jump up and down like a contestant on Drew Carey’s The Price is Right.

In the era prior to JFK’s death, people stood in line.

They were patient.

They waited their turn.

They controlled themselves.

If they were at a concert, they would sit down and enjoy the event; they would NOT stand up the entire time to block other people’s view.

That’s called respect.

If they were at a football game, they would NEVER distract another’s view by waving a stupid
towel non-stop.

Again, that’s called respect.

Look at the picture again.

You don’t see a protest sign there.

There is no fool with a bullhorn leading a crowd of hecklers.

I don’t see a naked JFK mannequin.

No one is getting out of line.

And you can hardly spot anyone doing such for the entire parade route.

Can anyone imagine people behaving like this today?

I can’t.

And why is that?

Because JFK did die.

And when he died, what he symbolized died with him.

The classless NWO took over.

The money at all costs, ooga- booga neanderthal money-makers grabbed power and rapidly
instituted their immoral society.

They enabled television shows which gradually broke down existing norms of behavior.

Smart-ass comedy became the norm.

A criticism of traditional religious values came under assault by Hollywood.

Values like tolerance, restraint, and respect – values displayed in this picture – came under

Christ became mixed in with the occult and devil worship through movies like The Omen and The Exorcist.

Apocalyptic movies became widespread.

Happy movies where people sang and danced became less common.

Where did Fred Astaire go to?

Where did Gene Kelly go to?

Did people become less interested in movies like this?

No. The success of La La Land disproves this.

Slowly, we became conditioned to think and act like animals.

Throw in drugs, a few wars, a looting of the treasury, outsourcing of jobs and robbery of our
homes, we had good reason to behave like animals.

Welcome to the NWO, courtesy of the CIA, the private army of the rich.

These people who you see in this picture are

There is nothing fake about them.

They are the real thing, baby.

The End

Copyright 2018 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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