Multiple Shooters

Is it possible to have multiple shooters in multiple locations in Dealey Plaza on 11/22/63?

Many think so, and many theories have been proposed.

Nearly every hit man in the world has been implicated.

Cubans, Italians, LBJ’s personal hit man all supposedly pulled the trigger.

Even Corsicans have been implicated.

Woody Harrelson’s father too.

That’s a lot of shooters.

Hmm. Are mob hit men snipers? Or do they usually use a revolver to the back of the head at close range?

Furthermore, are mob hit men trained to think like a team in a precision manner?

If we use various mob hit men in multiple locations, how will we prevent them from shooting their bullets too close together?

This is important because we need to sell the idea of a lone gunman to the

American people.

If we have too many shots too close together, our sale will be made more difficult.

No two bullets should be closer than 2.5 seconds which is the time it takes

to reload a Carcano.

This is what kills the turkey shoot theory.

Furthermore, having too many shooters adds too much risk and complexity

to the operation.

The more shooters you have, the greater risk you have.

Every shooter requires an escape route.

And make no mistake about it, the killing of a President requires a well- oiled fool-proof machine.

The President must die.

There can be no more than 4 bullets heard over 7.5 seconds minimum.

The upside range is 10 to 12.5 seconds, for after the President’s team realizes they are being shot at, the limos will after a short freeze, speed up.

In addition to the number of bullets and timing to consider, there is also the matter of direction.

A shot can not come from the left of the President.

All shots from the President’s right can be explained by a rear gunman.

So what do you think?

Would the killing of JFK more likely be pulled off by a bunch of mob hit men firing in bullets like Mad Dog Coll?

Or would it be more likely pulled off by a closely knit team of professional snipers who work exclusively with rifles?

Maybe those mob hit men were invited to Dealey Plaza as a false trap to make you think they did the job.

Maybe the man who planned the assassination is smarter than you think.

Just because the Warren Commission screwed up doesn’t mean the Director who planned JFK’s killing did.

He was a smart guy.

Smarter than your average bear.

Why would he make the mission an open secret by telling so many hit men?

And why would he use Americans who might go soft on him out of patriotism?

He wouldn’t.

Get in the mind of the man who planned the JFK assassination.

Warning to Disney Addicts: You have no right to complain about the state of affairs in America because you are the problem. By violently throwing your money at Walt Disney you unwittingly participate in the bread, circus and Disney scheme our fascist government employs to slowly rob you of your will, your mind and your wealth.

Copyright 2017 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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