The First Heroes


Who are the first heroes of the JFK assassination?

Was it any of these guys?

Arlen Specter? Allen Dulles? Earl Warren? Gerald Ford?


I don’t think any of these guys were heroes. 

In fact, I think it’s pretty safe to say that these guys were the murderers of the truth. 

When you read the Warren Commission testimony, it seems as if they went out of their way to promote the Oswald-Did-It Theory.

No, they were as guilty of killing JFK as the men or women who pulled the trigger. 

So we can rest assured that they weren’t the first heroes. 

Well, if it wasn’t them, then who was? 

A logical guess would be the first men and women who questioned the Warren Commission Lie. 

These would be people such as Mark Lane, Harold Weisberg, Sylvia Meagher, Dorothy Kilgallen and many more. 

It must have been daunting to go up against the power of the federal government. 

Who knows what the government might do? 

They might kill you, right? 

Don’t be silly. That doesn’t happen here in America, right? 

Well, maybe. 

So it would be a logical guess to think that these citizen investigators, that’s right, citizen investigators, might be the first heroes. 

And it would be a good guess. 

But it would also be a wrong guess. 

For you see, the first heroes of the JFK assassination were just regular people. 

Just like you. 

And they have been in front of you all these years. 

The first heroes are the people who rushed up that grassy knoll years ago minutes after the 


They risked  their lives. 

Generally speaking, as a general rule, and this is important to point out to Warrenatti, people do not run toward gunfire. 

But in this one extraordinary instance they did. 

They didn’t know what was up that hill. 

On a subconscious level, these people understood that something precious had been robbed from them. 

Like a mother who will risk her life running after an armed robber who has stolen her baby, these people ran toward the gunfire. 

Have you ever seen anyone run toward gunfire in your life? 

I never have. 

Except in this case. 

Now, the Warrenatti, true to their obedient status in life, try to discredit the people who rushed toward the knoll, by stating that they waited three minutes before doing so. 

Oh, no wonder. 


Copyright 2017 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved 

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