The Opisthotonic Reflex

In order to explain why JFK’s head on the fatal shot went backward, Warrenatti had to develop and promote the opisthotonic reflex theory.

Thank God for physiologists, right?

We are told that JFK’s head extended backward because of a neurological reflex producing a state of opisthotonos which involves extension of the back, neck and thighs but in this case extension of the arms.

The opisthotonic reflex theory may be nonsense.

The theory behind this is, as espoused by Larry Sturdivan, our old friend, who got his degrees in statistics and physics, not medical physiology, is that the shearing forces on the brain can produce an electrical discharge stimulating all the muscles of the body – the extensor muscles being more powerful.

This is why I love reading about the JFK Assassination. Anyone can talk about anything. You can have a degree in the culinary arts and discuss wound ballistics and medical physiology, even fine nuances of US foreign policy, with authority.

I’m no different.

Mr. Sturdivan relies on an Army experiment in 1948 in which anesthetized goats were hooked up to a trapeze of sorts and shot in the head. Their rear and front legs extended violently.

The photographs are compelling.

Implicit in his theory is that the brain works like a super-capacitor. Once disrupted, it discharges its energy to the muscles.

According to his theory, the shearing pressure at the base of the brain causes the neurons to discharge.

I suppose it’s possible. I don’t want to say that his theory is wrong.

I’m not sure, though, that this opisthotonic reflex is an established and accepted phenomenon. Quite frankly, I can’t find any reference to it except in the case of JFK.   In the medical literature,  opisthotonos is a state of posturing.

For the sake of argument, though, let’s say that the theory is true.

It seems odd, though, that Mr. Sturdivan dismisses the idea of a bullet having enough force to push a head backward yet readily accepts that the same bullet can produce enough pressure to cause this opisthotonic contraction. Can you have your cake and eat it too?

Furthermore, somebody forgot to tell JFK’s back and arms to follow the script.

After being shot, his arms initially begin to flex. Oops!

Realizing their mistake, this somebody sent out a quick message to the arms at Z322 to get with the program but then countermanded that order at Z324 at which point the arms began to rebelliously flex again.

With all this confusion going on, the head got confused and began to flex non- opisthotonically and not according to the program at Z328.

Uh oh.

To be fair, the back could probably not comply because of the back brace.

Okay, I’m just having a little fun.

Wait a moment. Does this back look like opisthotonic posturing at Z326?

How about here at Z316?

Now, in anticipation of more BS from academic puppets who support the Warren Commission because under the NWO they are terrified of losing their jobs if they don’t support government dogma (does this remind you of any country in Central Europe from the years 1932-45), let me state the following:  What we need are controlled studies to see if we are dealing with a convenient experiment trotted out to support a predetermined conclusion.

This opisthotonic reflex theory may be nonsense.

I’ve seen plenty of videos on YouTube of animals being shot in the head. I don’t see a consistent opisthotonic reflex at all.

One expert has stated that it may take minutes for a state of opisthotonos to take effect.

The panel suggests that the lacerations of a specific portion of the brain – the cerebral peduncles as described in the autopsy report — could be a cause of decerebrate rigidity, which could contribute to the President’s backward motion. Such decerebrate rigidity as Sherrington described usually does not commence for several minutes after separation of the upper brain centers from the brain stem and spinal cord. It is, however, most intense in those muscles which normally counteract the effects of gravity.

HSCA Report March 1979

At any rate, there are a large number of gruesome videos on YouTube of people in the old days and the current days being shot in the head. To be charitable, let us state that this reflex does not manifest itself uniformly to the naked eye.

Thank you.

Copyright 2018 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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