JFK and Immigration

The NWO’s solution to immigration is more of it.  It suits their goals well.

What would JFK do?

Well, while the Retardici Maximi in Washington do the “heavy lifting” on immigration, it might be worthwhile to reflect upon JFK and how his death has affected immigration.

To begin with, there is no “heavy lifting” going on in Washington, DC.

Heavy lifting might imply that there is some serious mental work going on.

That’s a laugh.

Furthermore, why would we trust the NWO to fix a problem that they brought on?

They won’t.

What they’ll do is give you the illusion of something going on.

They’ll make up idiotic phrases like “sequestration” to give the illusion of action.

Nothing good will happen.

Nothing good will happen because it is not in their interest for good to happen.

What they want is chaos, so that they will have a problem to solve in the future.

What will work is the philosophy of the President they murdered.

That would be JFK.

They avoid his foreign policy like the plague.

In the world he envisioned, America would be an enabler of the world.

When America enables other countries, those countries become nicer, more

habitable places to live.

When other countries become nicer and more habitable, the people

desire to stay there.

Consequently, they have less desire to come to America.

This is good for them; this is good for us.

When you help others, you help yourself.

People regard you more fondly.

They hold you in higher regard.

They don’t chant, “Death to America”.

They don’t infiltrate your country to set off bombs.

Of course, this vision didn’t sit well with the NWO, who saw a bonanza in brutalizing other countries of the world.

Not only could they make money by exploiting people, by robbing their minerals, they could make money on the security industry by “protecting” us.

That’s a joke.

We need to be protected from the NWO.

The NWO counters by saying that there are a lot of bad people out there.

Ya, no shit, Sherlock. That’s because you created them.

Hmm. Let’s see who we have trained.

Al Qaeda.

The Zetas.


Not bad, eh?

Let’s buy a ticket to the clue train.

The goal is not to defeat enemies, but to not create them in the first place.

This was JFK’s vision.

This was the vision the NWO assassinated.

Way to go, guys.

You’re definitely entitled to lead.

I know you’ve earned my vote.

Thank you.

Copyright 2017 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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