JFK and Iran

What would JFK say and do about Iran today?

Well, Iran is in the news again.

Iran has been gripped by a series of nationwide riots.

What does this have to do with JFK and his assassination over 54 years ago?

The riots have everything to do with his assassination over 54 years ago.

First, let’s remind everyone that the CIA toppled the democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran in 1953. His name was Mohammad Mosaddegh.

This fact is not disputed. In fact the CIA is rather proud of this.

But I thought we were a nation that believed in other nation’s sovereignty.

Isn’t that what our leaders are always talking about so piously?

Well, if that’s the case, then why should we be so concerned about what Iran does internally?

How would we want to be treated?

Would we want other countries to be intervening in our affairs?

Would we want other countries to have their eyes on us as we muddle through our problems?

The justification for doing do is that Iran’s leaders are tyrants who cheat their people out of their money.

Huh? That sounds like our leaders.

But never mind that.

Let’s focus on another potential war.

Let’s focus on another potential war that can make billions for the powers that be.

Let’s focus on another potential war that can cheat you out of your share of the American Pie.

More money will be printed.

More money will be wasted.

And at the end of the day, you won’t any better off than before the war.

I’ve got a better idea.

Let’s commemorate the CIA’s murder of JFK by not going to war with Iran.

Let’s let Iran settle its own problems.

Better yet, let’s look at ways to enable Iran, to help its leaders make a better country.

We’re already over there, you know.

You can check it out yourself.

Our corporations are already there happily making money selling products to Iranians who, surprise, are acting like Americans happily spending their money on consumer products.

They buy these products at all the new malls that Iran has constructed in the past few years.

That doesn’t sound like a tyrannical regime to me.

It sounds to me like a country that is having problems that we can help them with.

Of course, they might be a little shy in trusting us.

Hmm, I wonder why.

What JFK wanted was an America that was an enabler of other nations, not an America that played dirty tricks in order to gain booty.

News flash. We interrupt this program to bring you an important CNN bulletin: Iran sits on enormous reserves of oil. We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.

Alas, the CIA killed JFK.

They desire to kill Iran.


Because the CIA works for Corporate America and its defense firms who only can play one note: War.

Let’s try peace.

Peace is more profitable than war.

Thank you.

Buy my book, How to Fix the JFK Lie in 30 Seconds at http://www.fixthebus.com.

It’s the best ten bucks you will ever spend.

Warning to Corporate America: You’re too stupid to understand that peace is more profitable than war. The reason you are stupid is not your fault. Your parents were stupid. Then they sent you to school where you drank the stupid juice. You now are in a cult where you believe that you are elite. You are not. Buy my book and be saved.

Thank you.

Copyright 2017 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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