Oswald and Ruby

Did Oswald know Ruby?  

Or did someone else know them?

One of the more fun things to do in speculating about the JFK Assassination is to ask whether certain people knew each other.

Particularly we want to know whether Oswald knew Ruby.

Sinister music.

In our minds we think that if they knew each other, then something must be afoot.

It’s fun to speculate.

For years I’ve been salivating to see a picture of Oswald and Bush together.

Such a thought is seductive.

But even if we did find a picture of Oswald and Ruby eating together at the Dobbs House, what would it prove?

It would prove that they knew each other, which, unfortunately, is a big, fat nothing burger.

Well, it’s not exactly a nothing burger, but it’s not necessarily a something burger.

As such the drive to prove a direct connection between Oswald and Ruby

is somewhat fruitless.

But what about an indirect connection?

Is it possible that our assassination architect, the man who planned the assassination, knew both Ruby and Oswald and manipulated them both to achieve what he desired?

In a highly compartmentalized mission it would not be necessary for any of the main characters in the assassination to know each other at all.

But that would not preclude the participants, Oswald, Tippit and Ruby from knowing each other.

Is this possible?

Much valuable energy has been spent going down the rabbit hole of whether

Oswald knew Ruby directly.

This is great for the assassination architect because any attention focused on that avenue takes any focus away from an indirect connection – him.

The assassination architect is a smart man.

Although the operation is off the books, the assassination architect is still a CIA man with infinite resources and infinite contacts who can help promote false stories and false leads.

Why not, the architect thinks to himself. The Pharaohs of old when building the pyramids built all sorts of false passages so that no one would discover the tomb and treasure.

This has to be a legitimate concern to the JFK Assassination community.

The architect and the CIA have no desire to allow us to see the dirty truth of how sausage is made; and so they will move heaven and earth to deceive us.

They decided long ago that inserting poseurs into the media and the JFK Assassination community would be necessary to divide and conquer us.

They would get the ball rolling by having people speculate about false connections that, while interesting, would bear little fruit.

If we are arguing with each other over nonsense, we’ll be less likely to focus on the important issues.

The real money moves away from whether Oswald knew Ruby and towards

who knew them both.

What kind of man would know both of them?

Who would he work for?

How abut the CIA?

Here is one way of looking at the connections.

Here is another way.

As you can see it is not necessary for Oswald and Ruby to know each other at all.

What is essential is that one man, the Director, know them both.

Each one will play their part when asked to.

It’s a symphony.

Copyright 2018 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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