Was JFK an Antisemite

Was JFK an antisemite?  Is this why he was killed? I doubt it.

One of the problems in talking about the JFK Assassination is that we are being intellectually dishonest with ourselves.

Many researchers, especially those of some renown, have no desire to discuss a potential connection between JFK’s assassination and Israel.

They don’t want to be labeled as antisemites.

This is understandable.

But is this fair to the JFK Assassination debate?

Is it antisemitic to discuss whether Israel, the Mossad or any Jew played a part, even unwitting, in the assassination?

Is it anti-Christian to discuss a relationship between the United States, a Christian nation, and JFK’s assassination?

I don’t think so.

At the basis of this debate – whether Israel played a role in JFK’s assassination – is whether JFK tried to deny Israel getting a nuclear weapon.

Given that JFK was attempting to prevent such, was it antisemitic for JFK to deny Israel a nuclear weapon?

For sure, if he offered a nuclear weapon to everyone in the world except the Jews, one could make the case for antisemitism.

But he did not.

And so, the question becomes, is every act that does not work in Israel’s favor an antisemitic act?

Well, there are a lot of assumptions there.

First, is Israel Jewish?

Does Israel act in accordance with Jewish principles?

Or has Israel and its leadership, like the United States, become 100% disconnected from its religious roots?

If one opposes an action that Israel might favor or undertake, is that necessarily an antisemitic act?

The United States, purportedly led by Christians, regularly exploits and brutalizes other peoples of the world. If one opposes the United States in its various machinations around the world, is that an anti-Christian act?

I doubt it.

And so, it seems reasonable to conclude that if JFK opposed what Israel wanted, in no way can that oppositional act be automatically labeled as antisemitic.

History has born that out.

When you view the actions of both the United States and Israel, partners in crime with our old friend, Great Britain, in prosecuting the global killing machine known as the NWO, one can safely conclude that there is zero connection between the leaders of a country and the religion they claim to represent.

Indeed, one can safely make the claim that no one is more antisemitic and anti-Christian than the leaders of Israel and the United States respectively.

Let us define antisemitism.

One definition would be those actions and thoughts that do harm to Jews and the people of Israel.

The ADL’s definition is the belief or behavior hostile toward Jews just because they are Jewish.

We can include intent in the definition if you choose, but intent is often difficult to prove.

We certainly wouldn’t let any member of The Third Reich off if they said they didn’t really mean to hurt the Jews.

Given that either one of these definitions involves harm to Jews, who has endangered the Jews and the people of Israel greater than the current paranoid leadership of Israel.

These hardline nut-jobs have created a culture of hatred towards Palestinians that creates hardships for them and ultimately for Jews living in the future who will undoubtedly suffer retribution.

These rabid hardliners and their followers fancy themselves Jews, but they are not.

They are pseudo-Jews, much like the pseudo- Christians who run the United States.

They mistakenly believe that they are Jewish because they wear a kippah, a prayer shawl; have a menorah down by the bar; and have had a bar mitzvah.

They are wrong.

Only the practice of the precepts of a religion can confer true status.

I’m sure Israel’s leaders truly believe they are acting in the best interests of the Jews.

No doubt, like the clueless pseudo- Christians who lead the United States, they get their religious leaders to sanctify their evil programs through prayer breakfasts.

Who better to spread their misguided vision than religious leaders the people respect?

Just as the Romans looked to their Vestal Virgins to justify their expansion and exploitation, the current leaders in Israel and the United States use religious leaders to read passages that conveniently give succor to their evil deeds.

History has proven this course of action wrong.

The wisdom of the ages as written in ancient religious texts gives ample account as to the falsity of this endeavor.

Yet Israel’s leaders persist.

They ignore sage advice.

And so when a young President like JFK sees that nuclear proliferation will ultimately be too complex, too dangerous and not in Israel’s long term interest, these fools who lead Israel go ballistic and interpret his position as an antisemitic action. Nothing has changed in 55 years. Every action an American President now takes that does not work in Israel’s favor is viewed through the lens of antisemitism.

But what has ensued since JFK’s death?

Israel did gain a nuclear weapon – many of them actually. Israel has been granted everything it has desired militarily from the United States. Israel has been able to gain the upper hand in the Middle East.

Israel has gained strength in the physical world.

But we do not live in a physical universe.

We live in a moral universe.

As Israel has gained physical strength, like the United States, it has become morally weak.

Its current leadership will be responsible for the destruction of Israel and its citizens.

What could be more antisemitic than that?

In light of that, we can conclude that JFK was no enemy of the Jews at all.

He was a friend.

Sometimes friends have to pull us back from going over a cliff.

And so following this, we might conclude that the people who may have unwittingly participated in the killing of the friend of the Jews, JFK, might be themselves antisemitic and, of course, culpable of a crime, a topic worth discussing.

It seems reasonable.

The End

Note: Many people who commit crimes are raised in the Christian church. Is accusing them an anti-Christian act? Should we cower in the corner and skirt the issue of their criminality because we might be accused of anti-Christian behavior? Why don’t we forget accusing anyone for fear of being accused of being against any religion? Or should we go ahead and accuse them anyway accepting the fact that they were shitty, nonobservant Christians?

I read an article by Jonah Goldberg once and liked it. Does that make me pro-semitic?

I played with a boy named Neil Goldberg in 1964. Does that make me pro-semitic?

You’re stupid, modern media. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Warning to Fake Leaders: Quit using religious leaders to sanctify your global killing machine so as to sell war to the people. Be a man. Step up and sell it on your own.

Oh, but you can’t.

Copyright 2018 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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