Conspiracies Require Too Much Expertise

Do conspiracies require too much expertise?

Not all of them. Your parents had sex to produce you, and that didn’t require a technical manual.

The JFK Assassination is only complicated to the detectives who are trying to figure out what happened. To the perpetrators, the job is fairly simple.

Lee Oswald is recruited to be the patsy for the operation. He is set up in the DFW area to ferret out possible communist sympathizers who have infiltrated the White Russian community. He is instructed to talk up his commie credentials. To cement his commie credentials he is asked to take a potshot at General Walker. There is nothing complicated going on here. To help him pull this off he is given a few caretakers in Ruth Paine and George De Mohrenshildt.

Then he is sent down to New Orleans to again play up his commie credentials. George Joannides is asked to to be a caretaker and supervisor. Again, nothing complicated is going on. Lee is handing out leaflets, getting into scrapes and appearing on the radio. That doesn’t require a degree from MIT on anyone’s part.

While Lee is in New Orleans, an assassination team is being readied in Dallas. They practice on the Parr Ranch in South Texas until the day comes when they are called to move up to Dallas to refine how the hit will go down. In time, Lee will join the team at the Parr Ranch. Lee’s job will be to set up a decoy sniper’s nest.

When the day approaches, Lee is given a job at the TSBD. This happens in October. While Lee is in Dallas, the team joins him, and they refine their assassination timing at Burnett Field in North Oak Cliff which is the ideal place to recreate the wind and sun conditions that the assassins might face. This is not complicated because the owner of the team that plays at Burnett Field is known to the assassination architect.

On 11/22/63, Lee carries out his job by arranging boxes and placing shells upon the ground near the Sixth Floor window; then he goes downstairs to eat lunch. He is told to be noticed. He is told to be noticed to assure himself that noticed people can not possibly be implicated in the assassination.

After JFK is shot, Lee is told to walk down to Elm Street and wait for a man in a green Rambler who will take him away to the Texas Theater which is the extraction point. From there Lee will be extracted to West Germany. He is told that Marina and the children will join him at a later date.

Once JFK is killed and Lee is in the Texas Theater, the mission is largely over. The Tippit killing is only gravy, nice to have, but not absolutely necessary.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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