Rafael Cruz

Do you think it might be important for you to know that a sitting US Senator’s father may have been hanging out with Lee Oswald in New Orleans? I think so.

To begin with I’m not talking about the guy that Trump was talking about in the 2016 Presidential campaign. I always thought that was just a clever misdirection. I’m talking about somebody completely different.

Now, of course, it’s no crime to hang out with Lee Oswald, but if Rafael Cruz was hanging out with Lee Oswald, we might want to know why and what that means.

It certainly would raise questions, especially since his son is so chummy with the Bush family, more especially since his son’s mentor at Princeton was Joshua Bolten, the son of Seymour Bolten.


Here’s what we know about Rafael Cruz. After being held in a Batista prison, he managed to secure a spot at UT where he sequestered himself in study for four years.

He becomes active in the anti-Castro movement in the United States.

After 1960, he decides to enter the petroleum business.

Between 1960 and 1966 he is hanging out somewhere between Dallas and New Orleans.

Wow, who else do we know who was hanging out in Dallas and New Orleans between 1961 and 11/24/63?

I see.

Here’s a comparison I did of young Rafa and the man who was hanging out with Lee in New Orleans.

Here’s a PDF you can peruse. After downloading you can zoom in with your zoomer. It will come in nice and sharp.

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