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There are links of Greeks to the Kennedy assassination. What they are and what they precisely mean I cannot determine as of yet. What the 1960s was to Cuba, the 1940s and 1950s was to Greece. Before the battle for Cuba’s soul, there existed the battle for the soul of Greece. Just as many conservative Cubans arose out of the rise of Fidel Castro, many conservative Greeks arose out of the battle for Greece.

The United States was very concerned about keeping Greece in the NATO fold after World War II. Greece sits in a very important geopolitical area of the world. It sits at the gates of the Black Sea’s entrance into the Mediterranean. Russia has access to the Black Sea. Both Greece and Turkey straddle the Bosporus, the Dardanelles and the Sea of Marmara – thus US presence. The goal in the Cold War was to limit the strength of the Soviet Union (Russia).

Consequently, Athens became an important post for the CIA. Many Greek Americans were recruited to work in Greece. Two prominent Greeks were Tom Karamessenes and George Joannides. Other Greek Americans became fellow travelers of the CIA, conservatives inclined to embrace CKIA shenanigans. Three of those men were Tom Pappas, Spyros Skouras, and George P. Skouras.

One of the shenanigans was the support of the Greek junta which came into power between 1967 to 1974 in Greece. Although the CIA has not been implicated in the institution of the junta, it’s difficult to believe that they were not. They certainly weren’t unhappy.

One prominent American who enthusiastically supported that junta was Spiro Agnew the vice president of the United States. He was of Greek descent. He in turn was supported by Tom Pappas and Spyros Skouras, two conservative Greeks.

Tom Pappas was a businessman. He was a Greek American. Ultimately he was given a Standard Oil contract to refine oil in Greece; the enterprise was modestly named Esso Pappas. Esso Pappas was more than a refiner of oil; it was a large conglomerate that also began bottling and distributing Coca Cola. That’s a big deal; it shows how connected Tom Pappas was. He was a friend of Nixon as was Spyros Skouras.

Spyros Skouras was another Greek American who made it big with his brother, George P. Skouras, in the movie exhibition business. Spyros Skouras was the force behind Twentieth Century Fox. He was a big shot. He was another supporter of Spiro Agnew. It’s reasonable to conclude that both Pappas and Skouras were supporters of the Greek Junta. It’s also reasonable to conclude that they were fellow travelers of whatever the CIA was selling. The CIA after all looks after Corporate America’s interests first.

Another man who was hanging around at the time was John McCloy. John McCloy was an Ivy League educated lawyer for the Rockefellers who also happened to sit on the Warren Commission. He’s not a Greek- American but he is important to look at.

Let’s look at John McCloy. I am going to post excerpts from Wikipedia because you would not believe me if I told you. These come from Wikipedia.

I think it’s reasonable to conclude that men like Tom Pappas and Spyros Skouras would get to meet a man like John McCloy. John McCloy was a Rockefeller lawyer and Tom Pappas was essentially getting a Standard Oil franchise to refine oil in Greece.

Now these links of course mean nothing in the way of implicating anyone. That’s not what I’m trying to illustrate. What they show is a map to get from your house to my house.

A clever man can use these links to accomplish an assassination. He can use this resource of contacts to gain access to the resources he or she needs to put together the team and materials necessary to get the job done.

Now, if you will connect to this post you will see that the Texas Theater was owned as a joint venture between Rowley United and United Artists Theaters whose president was George P. Skouras. That in itself means little, but it might mean more if we see that the shoe store down the street where Johnny Brewer worked was owned by someone else who might be known to the assassination architect.

As it tuns out, there is an excellent chance that Seymour Bolten would either know or know the person who knew the corporate owners of both establishments.

Another Greek-American who is a mystery man to JFK researchers is George Joannides. It seems reasonable to me that Seymour Bolten as the Deputy Chief of Station in Bonn would have met George Joannides at some time. If Bolten didn’t meet GJ in Europe, he probably met him in Miami when Bolten was assigned to the Latin American theater in the early 60s.

George Joannides must have been an important man to the CIA. The CIA gave him a career achievement award, no doubt in part for stonewalling the HSCA as it investigated JFK’s death.

GJ was apparently stationed in Miami in 1963. He was working with the DRE which was a Cuban student group that was opposed to Fidel Castro. GJ was a specialist in psychological warfare. What does this mean? Primarily as I understand it, psychological warfare involves disinformation, planting false stories, spin. GJ’s code name was “Howard” and he dealt with these students. He may have been in contact with operatives in New Orleans. This is significant because LHO was in New Orleans in 1963 posing as a communist.

Lee Oswald was caught on video tape handing out leaflets for the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Now whether Oswald was playacting or not is another issue; no one can dispute that he was handing out leaflets. He had also had a dispute with Carlos Bringuier, a member of the DRE. This also is not in dispute.

Whether GJ was in New Orleans or not, this altercation between LHO and Bringuier would certainly have come to his attention. It really doesn’t matter a whole lot if GJ was in New Orleans or not. Now, if he was, so much the better.

Well, as it so happens he probably was in New Orleans as I have pointed out on this page. Here you can see a man walking by Lee Oswald as he hands out leaflets. The man looks a lot like GJ. What do you think?

As it turns out, there may be even more Greek links to JFK’s Assassination. One of those links involves a man named Elias Demetracopolous who was a Greek-American investigative reporter. I’ll call him Elias D for now. I’m not sure precisely how he fits in, but what is certain is that both the FBI and CIA both spent an enormous amount of energy trashing his credentials and credibility.

Why was Elias D so dangerous and threatening to the FBI and CIA/ One particular incident stands out. He had discovered that Tom Pappas had made illegal contributions to the Nixon campaign in 1968. He took this information to Lawrence O’Brien, the DNC Chairman, in 1968. Rather than embrace this information, Larry O’Brien probably “reported” Elias D to various governmental bodies who then apparently unleashed a campaign against Elias D.

This is odd and perplexing. Why would he do this? It’s logical to assume that Lawrence O’Brien would have discussed this with his colleagues and his superior officers (The Money). Apparently this information was considered threatening or too hot to handle.

Lawrence O’Brien’s lack of action in using this information tends to give credence to the belief that our democracy is a sham, that both parties are working together against us.

Regardless, what seems obvious to me is that for one reason or another someone did not want anyone going down the Pappas rabbit hole lest it open a can of worms.

What was inside that can of worms? Apparently much more than illegal campaign contributions.

Tom Pappas was an important, connected businessman with ties to many other wealthy people who might not like their business dealings exposed. When Congress investigates, it is often an open book. You never know what you are going to find. Not everyone is in on the racket.

Tom Pappas was a big supporter of Republican and conservative causes. What secrets did Tom Pappas have? Was it that he had made these illegal contributions on behalf of the Greek Junta. Given that the CIA probably helped bring the Junta to power, the CIA was most likely not too keen on having the spotlight focused on them. These concerns were probably communicated to Lawrence O’Brien in 1968 which might explain why he did nothing with the information that Elias D. had given him.

So what does Elias D. have to do with the JFK Assassination? Probably nothing which in itself may be telling. Why would an investigative reporter not be overtly writing about the murder of the century? He must have had opinions because he co-signed a letter asking the government to release all the records on JFK’s Assassination. He must have certainly heard the conspiracy theories circulating about the assassination. Given his experience with the CIA in Greece, wouldn’t it be logical for him to conclude that there might be a connection? It certainly seems so. Perhaps given his existing problems with CIA disinformation he felt that this was a topic best avoided publicly.

Elias knew many people, probably all the power brokers in Washington, during his age. He certainly must have followed the HCSA hearings into JFK’s death. I wonder what he thought as he noticed George Joannides, a fellow Greek, interacting with people on Capitol Hill.

What is all this you may ask? It looks like a big nothing burger, right? Not if you view the CIA as the organization that killed JFK. Not if you view the CIA as the enforcement arm of Corporate America.

We don’t always get the “killer” piece of evidence that we we need to firmly convict some one or thing. Sometimes we have to settle for vague paint strokes that come together at a distance to reveal the culprit naked and bare.

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