John McCloy

John McCloy was a member of the Warren Commission. Let’s examine him.

Here are a few excerpts from Wikipedia.

Let’s look at the Malmedy Massacre. Let’s not gloss over it on our way to something else. Let’s find out who Joachim Peiper was. I don’t know as I write these words. I am learning as you are learning.

First things first.

John McCloy helped to pardon bad guys like Joachim Peiper.

Joachim Peiper was a bad guy. He was Himmler’s top assistant.

The Malmedy massacre involved the voluntary slaughter of American POWs who had given themselves up. That was the least of Peiper’s crimes. But, I get it; he was an elite, a top guy. That should speak volumes about John McCloy and his value system.

But it wasn’t just that.

McCloy demonstrates over and over again an inability to look at the big picture and get it. He doesn’t seem to be able to think outside the box and think of the ramifications of his actions. Or maybe he does and doesn’t care.

He helps establish the Pentagon, the OSS and ultimately the CIA. While this on the surface might seem to be a good thing, his actions help set the table in transforming America the Republic into America the Empire. Is the CIA compatible with a decent republic? How much stronger would America be if we had invested in high speed rail and healthcare for all rather than ships and bombs? How much stronger would America be if we had not invested in imperialist sweatshops in Vietnam and Indonesia?

He is a chief force in confining Japanese Americans into internment camps during WWII which in itself is a direct attack on the principles of the Founding Fathers. It is an elitist act in direct conformity with the principles of Nazi Germany.

He helps to pardon many tops Nazis, especially Nazis from the business sector. Perhaps many of these individuals were his colleagues who he worked extensively with prior to WWII. One of his clients in Germany was IG Farben, the manufacturer of Zyklon B which was used to gas the Jews.

Throughout his career he was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which is an elitist think tank which supplies many cabinet officers and Presidents today. What is the CFR and where do its members come from? Principally the CFR is populated by Ivy League graduates and so-called leaders of industry. In reality the CFR is a gang of greedy thugs who agree to bestow awards upon each other. The CFR is responsible for the non-stop war machine that America has become.

John MCCloy demonstrates over and over again an elitism and an inability to get it. He shamelessly supports measures that cement America as a bully that cares little about human rights. That he would sit on a Warren Commission that would whitewash the murder of a President is not surprising.

No one should be fooled by his act of first suspecting a conspiracy then finally coming around the truth.

Here is an excerpt from Wikipedia.

Nice try, but no cigar.

Finally, after doing much to destroy America the Republic on behalf of the Rockefeller family he settled down. Here is another excerpt from Wikipedia.

It’s important to know who was serving on the Warren Commission beyond just a name on a piece of paper.

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