Oswald and Ferrie

Well … the Warren Commission and its cheerleaders certainly don’t want you to make the connection between LHO and DF (David Ferrie), because that might led you to Clay Shaw. Why is that? Why were the elites so concerned about the connection being made to Clay Shaw. Or were they just worried that Jim Garrison would open up a can of worms? Probably more of the latter.

At any rate, Lee Oswald clearly knew David Ferrie. We not only have picture evidence, we also have the report of Mr. George E. Boesch. He knew both men, and he was with both men in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). Here is a report you can peruse.

It’s logical to believe LHO and DF at least knew of each other. But, of course, what does that prove? I’ve known a lot of people who have done shady things; that shouldn’t implicate me.

And quite frankly, I don’t believe that LHO told anyone in NO what he may have known about the plot to kill the President. So what’s the big deal here? Why should we care?

Well, the government’s response to Jim Garrison’s investigation should speak volumes. If JG had nothing, why did they care so much? Out of concern for the Kennedy family and their feelings? Please, don’t make me laugh.

Most likely the Feds were concerned that JG had evidence we so far have not been able to find.

David Ferrie clearly was close to Guy Bannister. David Ferrie was also working with the CRC which was working with the CIA. Guy Bannister was working with the CIA. David Ferrie’s friends were hanging out at Clay Shaw’s house. Ferrie, Layton Martens (a CS friend), possibly SAS (Sergio Arcacha Smith), and others had raided a Schlumberger munitions dump and stored part of the cache in Guy Bannister’s office to be used to arm Cuban anti-Castro provocateurs. Another CS friend, Dante Marochini, was working at Standard Coffee – a sister company to Reily Coffee where LHO worked. Dante Marochini was a friend of James Lewallen, another friend to CS and DF.

This may seem confusing, but it’s not until we step back and view it as an impressionist painting. It’s like a Dufy painting. If you get too close, you don’t see anything but a jumble of haphazard paint strokes.

When we step back we can see the picture clearly.

What we have here are various groups. We have Cuban provocateurs, homosexuals, CIA travelers, right wingers, CAP members, and workers at Reily Coffee. Each group by itself means little; mix them all together and you get a different picture.

Unconvinced? LHO walks into Carlos Bringuier’s diggs, Casa Roca, in an effort to infiltrate Bringuier’s anti-Castro DRE on 8/5/63. Four days later, on 8/9/63, he is handing out pro-Castro pamphlets in front of where Bringuier used to work on Canal street. He’s shouting out: Viva Fidel! Seven days after that, on 8/16/63, he seen handing out pamphlets in front of Clay Shaw’s Trade Mart with several other chaps. Wait a minute! I thought LHO was a loner. I thought nobody liked him. I thought nobody wanted to join his group or he join theirs. What’s he doing hanging out with other people? Who are these people? And why would they show up at the Trade Mart? And how does LHO find these people in the first place?

Well, since you asked … LHO was handing out pamphlets for the FPCC (Fair Play for Cuba Committee). One of these pamphlets conveniently had his alias, A J Hidell, and a PO Box. Another has his real name and his home address on 4907 Magazine Street. Still another of the pamphlets has his real name and the address 544 Camp Street.

Here is a PDF where you can access all the connections and the pamphlets.

So what is 544 Camp Street. Well, it refers to an address located within the Newman Building where the CRC had its headquarters in 1961. And who worked with the CRC? Sergio Arcacha Smith, David Ferrie and Layton Martens. What was the Cuban Revolutionary Council, and what did it do? Well, it was created to raise money for the FRD (Frente Revolucionario Democratico) which was an anti-Castro organization. These organizations were funded by the CIA.

Okay, how does Layton Martens fit in? Well, he was another “young friend” of DF. He had lived with DF for a while and even shared a bed, although he states they never had a sexual encounter. As to why he was sleeping in the same bed as David Ferrie, Martens stated that there was only one bed. Sure.

You can read his testimony here.

Incidentally, Guy Bannister’s office was right around the corner from 544 Camp Street.

What we are being asked to believe is that LHO either rented an office at 544 Camp around the corner from (and in the same building as) Guy Bannister, or that he hit the jackpot and made up a stamp with a random address of 544 Camp Street.

At any rate, Carlos Bringuier felt, according to his own testimony, on 8/5/63, that his new organization, DRE, also CIA supported, was being infiltrated. That’s why he didn’t give too much information to LHO on 8/5/63 when LHO entered his store, Casa Roca, according to his own testimony. He was suspicious. He really must have been suspicious on 8/9/63 when he saw LHO handing out pro Castro pamphlets on Canal Street.

A reasonable man would have put out inquiries, right? A reasonable man would have asked around as to who this guy Oswald was? Did he ask David Ferrie? Did he ask his CIA handler? Was George Joannides lurking around? Did he ask him? How about Guy Bannister? Guy Bannister knew many people in the FBI and CIA.

There were any number of people around. Are we to believe that Carlos Bringuier asked no one.

How about Orest Pena? He had a bar a couple doors down from Bringuier on Decatur Street. According to Orest, Oswald had been in the bar and thrown a hissy fit because his bar man, Evaristo Rodriguez had charged him too much money for a lemonade. Orest Pena had been active in anti-Castro affairs for a while and knew CB well enough.

Apparently CB didn’t ask anyone about LHO.

Regardless, this was the environment that Lee Oswald was walking around in.

Now, wouldn’t you think Carlos Bringuier would have least remarked: “Dios Mios, Holy Shit! That guy is working out of my old address. Maybe I better go ask David or Guy what is going on.” It seems logical, and I’m sure he did. Or maybe he didn’t need to. Maybe he already knew. Maybe this was all a planned altercation with Oswald. Maybe Guy, David, Carlos and Lee were all in the know in positioning Lee to the Cuban community as a communist in order to ferret out Castro spies in New Orleans. Do you get it? Lee would be playing the same game here as he was playing in Dallas: Undercover cop. It seems logical and right up the CIA’s alley.

Supporting this is the question as to why LHO, assuming he was legitimately in the commie fold, would attempt to covertly infiltrate an anti-Castro movement in a city where he was known. And if you were trying to insert yourself in the DRE, why would you then parade through the streets shouting, “Viva Fidel.” A true commie who was trying to infiltrate a pro-Castro movement would not call attention to his true commie self.

And so to cement this image of Oswald as a communist he was invited onto a radio and television show at WDSU by Bill Stuckey to debate communism. CB and Ed Butler were invited as well. And who owns WDSU?

Well, WDSU is owned by Edith and Edgar Stern who were also members of INCA, the Information Council of America, a group devoted to right wing causes. Its major contributors and members were Alton Ochsner, Eustis Reily of Reily Coffee, and others. Ed Butler was the executive director of INCA.

Ed Butler was a busy little bee. He was friends with Clay Shaw of the International Trade Mart. Butler also was setting up other organizations such as the Free Voice of Latin America (FVLA) and the American Institute for Freedom Project (AIFP). Butler employed Guy Bannister to work for the AIFP.

Can you now see the Dufy painting coming into being?

One of my favorite scenes in movie history is a scene from the movie, Barton Fink. It’s one of the few times in my movie history that I laughed out loud in a movie while almost falling out of my seat. In this scene, Michael Lerner is playing a seasoned movie studio executive, Jack Lipnick; John Turturro is playing Barton Fink, a young screen play writer. Barton Fink who is struggling in writing the movie asks the movie executive a question about the movie, and the executive, obviously annoyed, responds: “It’s a wrestling movie; what do you need? A road map?” The same can be said about LHO and his friends in New Orleans.

But, of course, this will never wash with the cognitively dissonant crowd, enslaved into a life of intellectual poverty by the ruling class, who go to the mat for rich guys from the Ivy League who will never let them get to within 100 feet of their wine and brie soirees. No, these ardent defenders of the Warren Commission demand causality. They demand a movie of LHO and DF commiserating and planning the evil deed.

The problem with their demand is one, that neither LHO and DF, nor LHO and Clay Shaw, planned any evil deed to kill the President, and two, causality and the proof thereof is an illusion. The jackpot in New Orleans is not that LHO plotted out the assassination there, but that LHO was an intelligence operative working with the CIA. That in itself is enough.

As far as causality, that is the topic of another discussion.

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