Were Lee and Marina Spies

Many people have thought so, but does thinking make it so?

Let’s put aside the traditional argument that Marina and Lee were able to enter the United States so quickly. That point is clearly being contested. So I see a little point in going down that alley.

Certainly people in the white Russian community suspected that Marina might be a spy. Of course, they, being white Russians and rightly fearful of Stalin, would naturally suspect anyone new who was entering their community.

Whatever their reasons, they did suspect that it might be possible.

One particular aspect of Marina that has always intrigued me is her command of English. Nearly everybody in their DFW circle of friends stated that LHO would not permit her to speak English, at least in her presence. Since a decent command of English should be a prerequisite to being a spy, it would be nice to know if Marina could speak better English than she was letting on.

Well, we do have some testimony from their landlord. Here speaks Mrs. Mahlon Tobias. She was the landlord of the Oswald’s rented apartment on Elsbeth Street.



Maybe Marina was a fast learner.

I have no doubt of that.

My experience in life has taught me that husbands and wives work together. They are a team, and they share secrets. A man keeping a secret from his wife is near impossible.

As to whether Oswald was a spy, Gus Russo relies heavily on testimony from KGB agents who state that Oswald didn’t give them anything that they didn’t already know.

Plus they didn’t think Oswald had the intellectual caliber to be a CIA agent.

To begin with, I wouldn’t rely on testimony from any intelligence operative at any time in his or her life once I had ascertained that he or she was an intelligence operative.

These people chose a life of lies.

These people revealed who they were the day they matriculated at their particular intelligence agency whether they be Russians, Americans or anyone else.

They are not like us. They are not normal people.

They subscribe to the ideology that it’s okay to lie sometimes if it serves a greater good.

This philosophy is directly antithetical to Christianity because Jesus said if a seed is no good, the fruit will be no good.

Now, let’s put aside our religion and the way we think for a moment and get inside the mind of the pagan intelligence operative.

You are sitting there before Lee Oswald.  He wants to enter your country. He wants to live amongst you. Maybe you do think he’s a fuck up. Maybe you don’t.

Are you going to pass up an opportunity to flip this young man and have him work for you?

I wouldn’t.

I wouldn’t because in talking to him extensively I would figure out very quickly that this individual, Lee Oswald, had an IQ that was above average, and more than just slightly above average.

I would determine that he does have the intellectual caliber to be an Intelligence operative.

I would also conclude that he might be the perfect person to use as an intelligence operative because no one would suspect him of being an intelligence operative because of the way he speaks.

I would understand that diction is a reflection of the environment in which you grew up in and the formal education you have received, not raw intelligence.

I would bring in a fellow agent who had lived in the US and who was fluent in English to help me determine his level of English proficiency.

Not only would I use him to potentially become a mole in the future, I would use him to spy on Russians in my own country.

Who knows what might happen.

Well, as it turns out, he went and married a young girl named Marina.

My next move would be to investigate her and determine what her inclinations and capabilities are.

If she is willing, I would recruit both of them to be spies in the United States.

Why not?

Why would I look a gift horse in the mouth?

Of course, I’m going to do my research on Marina as well.

I can see also that she has an equal amount of intelligence to Oswald.

This is not surprising to me as people tend to gravitate toward people of similar intelligence.

And yes, I know that they fight. I know that they beat each other up, and I also know that Marina gives is good as she gets.

So what? That makes them even more believable.

I’m not going to put out a highly educated, white-collar operative to mix with the regular people. That person will stand out like a sore thumb.

This couple is perfect.

The more human they appear, the better it is for me.

Better yet, my psychological profiler who works with me has determined that Lee and Marina have many things in common. That’s why they got together in the first place.

They both had tough upbringings. They are both streetwise.

While hitting and beating each other up might be abhorrent  to you and me, it might be a normal thing for them.

Just because they’re spies doesn’t mean that they have escaped humanity and human problems.

As long as they do their job, why do I care?

And if they flip and become double agents, what do I care?  As long as they give me the information I need, I am satisfied.

What vital information from Russia are they going to give CIA agents in the United States if they are living in the United States?

It’s a total winner for me.

And if their cover is blown, I’m just going to deny everything and fool people by saying, “Why would I ever hire fuck-ups like that.”

Conclusion: Lee and Marina were what people suspected them to be:  Spies.

Finally …

Here is an interesting comment from Alex Kleinlerer, who took time out of his day to trash LHO. Pay attention to the last sentence.

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