Alex Kleinlerer

What I would like to discuss is the Kleinlerer incident. Alex Kleinlerer was a Polish emigre living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. He was a friend of Elena Hall, and Marina was staying at Elena Hall ‘s home. LHO would come to visit. He relates a particular incident, perhaps the only incident where Marina was slapped.

AK was not called to testify by the Warren Commission or the HSCA in 1978. He did however file an affidavit in 1964. Here it is:

It is damning.

But before we go whole hog, let’s ask some questions.

This incident reportedly occurred at Elena Hall’s house in October of ’62.

According to Alex Kleinlerer, Lee slapped Marina.  It is the only witnessed beating of Marina; yet, Marina is not asked about this incident, nor did she volunteer any testimony. 

So, here are the possibilities:

  • Lee beat her and Alex is telling the truth
  • Lee didn’t beat her and  Alex is lying

Why does Marina not confirm or refute Alex’s  story?

There are two possibilities.    

1. The beating didn’t happen.  If it didn’t happen, why not refute Alex?  You would only not refute him if you were going along with a lie, a program designed to demonize and convict LHO without a trial.

2. The beating did happen. If it did happen, why not support Alex?  You would only not do so if you knew the slapping incident was staged and designed to project a lie – the lie of Lee the wife beater; hence the slap was not a genuine slap and therefore supporting Alex is a lie.

The human desire to not lie under oath is powerful.

Another possibility is that Marina felt that Lee was being set up unfairly as a patsy for a crime she knew or felt he did not commit.

Either way, Marina is projecting a lie by not answering this question. Whether contributing to this charade comes before or after the  assassination is immaterial.  

She defines herself as a collaborator.

Of course, there is one other possibility:  Marina cannot truly remember the incident.  This would be difficult to believe.

I hope this makes sense.

Let me put it this way.

In my opinion …

Marina can not support Alex’s statement because Lee did not technically strike her in anger.  At the same time she cannot denounce Alex’s statement because technically Lee did strike her.

It’s a clever parsing of the truth.

Now, here is a picture I find unsettling. I don’t what to make of it, but it bothers me.

It is a picture of Patricia Johnson McMillan, Alex Kleinlerer and Marina.

I wonder what LHO would make of this picture. Everybody seems happy here, like friends.

What does PJM say about Lee and Marina? Well, pretty much what the empire wants her to say.

We could write an entire post on PJM.

She attended the empire’s top schools and was amazingly there in Moscow when LHO showed up. Later she was given unprecedented access to Marina Oswald by Marina. Not surprisingly she supported the empire’s position that LHO was a lone gunman.

There is no doubt that PJM is a fellow traveler of the CIA. One would have to be blind to not conclude such. She attended Bryn Mawr and Harvard. She desired to work for the CIA but was rejected. Sure. One of her friends was Cord Meyer. That means she is connected in with the Georgetown set. She is given easy access to major publishing houses. She is lauded by mainstream media.

Any decent attorney in a court of law would establish her coziness with and bias in favor of the powers that be who are implicated by conspiracy theorists (I am proudly one of them) as being the true assassins of JFK.

I always have serious doubts about reading someone’s propaganda, but since many people believe in what she has to say, I had to purchase her book, Marina and Lee.

What a disappointment with regard to details about Mr. Kleinlerer. She says nary a word beyond Mr.Kleinlerer’s affidavit which appeared conveniently to the world on 6/16/64 four months after Marina Oswald’s testimony on 2/3/64.

Come now, Ms. Johnson, you have nary a word to say about this supposed slapping? You spent months and months with Marina; you had fifteen years to get her on record before publishing your book. You have nothing to say? This is the only eyewitness account of Lee hitting Marina, and you have no questions for her? None?

Here is Marina’s testimony before the Warren Commission.

Surely the HCSA though would have spotted this glaring deficiency and asked Marina about it in 1978, right?


Is it convenient that Mr. Kleinlerer felt compelled to give forth his affidavit after Marina’s testimony? With the cat in the bag and the bag in the river, perhaps he felt the coast was clear to deliver another nail in LHO’s coffin.

What would be the ramifications for Mr. Kleinlerer, Marina and the government had he delivered his affidavit in December ’63 or January ’64?

We have to assume that with JFK dead and FBI agents swarming over Dallas, that AK’s observations if true were known by 12/30/63. It would be difficult to believe that he had not been interviewed by then.

If the FBI had learned about and verified the slapping incident, an affidavit would have been in the bag and announced to the world immediately. The WC would have wasted no time in getting Marina’s confirmation if true. But what if it wasn’t true? What if the government pressured Mr. Kleinlerer to conjure up a false statement in order to avoid deportation back to Poland. The government can be persuasive.

Given a scenario where Mr. Kleinlerer is forced to make a false statement, would it be advisable to deliver the affidavit before Marina’s testimony?

Would Marina have gone along and lied to avoid deportation? What if she suddenly changed her mind during testimony out of fear of perjury or loyalty to Lee? What if she denied Mr. Kleinlerer’ statement to a reporter? Mr. Kleinlerer would suddenly be under pressure and scrutiny. Perhaps he would scream out that the government had threatened him with deportation if he didn’t file the affidavit? Would the government take this risk? I don’t think so. The safe bet would be to release this affidavit after Marina’s testimony, make sure that authors like PJM have access to it, then never have anyone ask her about it, certainly not PJM, agent of the empire.

The cat’s in the bag, the bag’s in the river – Sidney Falco, Sweet Smell of Success.

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