Ten Reasons Why Oswald Didn’t Do It

Since silly reasons are given to convict Oswald, I thought it appropriate to find equally silly reasons to exonerate Oswald.

One: He didn’t drink.  Nor did he smoke. Lemonade appears to be his drink of choice when frequenting a bar.

Two: He loved his children. He doted on his children.  He loved the other children in the neighborhood.

Three: He suffered Marina’s physical and emotional abuse.  Marina gave as good as she got. Furthermore, Marina was a slob. She didn’t clean up anything even though she was home all day.

Four: He was a good worker at Leslie Welding. His boss Tommy Bargas said he would make a good sheet metal man.

Five. He was thrifty with his money, and he paid his debts. Okay, true, he did skip town on Jesse James Garner.

Six: He was studious, an autodidact.  Instead of sitting in front of the television set watching football and drinking beer, he would read books.

Seven: He cared about his country enough to get involved in political events.

Eight: He had compassion for the black man. He understood that the capitalist system in the United States worked against the black man economically.  He did this in the South that was known as racist. He did this in a city, Dallas, that was as racist as a city could possibly be.

Nine: He stuck up for countries like Cuba that had been oppressed by an imperialist United States for nearly 60 years.

Ten: He was insightful and able to see before many Americans were willing to do so that the United States created Fidel Castro.

Bonus: He was well spoken and could think on his feet. He was not easily rattled. This was proven in his WDSU radio interview and his cool demeanor in the police station after his arrest.

Given all this, it is clear that LHO is innocent.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved  

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