Sports Drome

I did a PDF here on the Sports Drome and you can read it here. It is a work in progress so I will change it as the months and years go by.

The Sports Drome is where LHO practiced shooting his rifle. The subject of which rifle is conveniently dismissed. The important thing to note, by lone nut theorists, is that Lee Oswald was there.

I believe them.

In November of 1963, LHO was spotted by many people at the Sports Drome which is a shooting range on 8000 West Davis in West Oak Cliff. The range is about seven miles away from Ruth Paine’s house in Irving.

Although the eyewitnesses make mistakes, as all do, one witness is especially credible – thirteen year old Sterling Wood, who was there on November 16th, one day after my ninth birthday, with his father Homer Wood, a local dentist. They pegged the day they were there as November 16th because they had been listening to a Southwest Conference football game on the radio. And this checks out. November 16 was a Saturday.

Young Sterling was a gun buff, and he had noted that the man standing next to him was firing an Italian carbine, and so he asked him the following.

Sterling later identified the man as LHO.

This is significant because children are not generally looking to rescue their failed lives by inserting themselves into history as adults do principally because they are children, are more innocent, and have not failed in life.

Beyond that children in my ANECDOTAL experience have much better recognition skills than adults. Children are like eagles who can spot a small field mouse from two thousand feet in the air. Adults on the other hand can’t remember you five minutes after they un-park their fat ass off a sofa.

Sterling Wood is the most credible witness that day.

Homer Wood, his father also identified LHO on that day, as did Kenneth Longley.

On two other days, two individuals, Garland Slack and Malcolm Price identified LHO on both 11/10/63 and 11/17/17/63. Mr. Slack had gotten into a dispute with LHO on 11/17/63 because, he claims, LHO was shooting at his target. He recognized LHO because he was there the weekend before on Sunday, 11/10/63. Malcolm Price fixes him there the day before Armistice Day. Armistice Day in 1963 was on Monday, 11/11/63.

Much has been made of the fact that LHO was seen there getting into an automobile, being there with others, and firing other guns, but all those points while important are secondary to the larger issue: LHO may have been there at the Sports Drome on 11/10/63.

You see, LHO is supposed to be in Irving with Ruth Paine and Marina that weekend.

If he’s at the range, he’s not with RP and Marina. If he’s not with RP and Marina, then they are liars and collaborators – which is what the evidence tends to suggest.

LHO can’t be in both places at once.

Of course, Garland Slack and Malcolm Price could be confabulating, innocently exaggerating their importance in world affairs. But this is not what Warren Commission defenders have been stating all these years. They liberally point to MP and GS as world authorities on the whereabouts of LHO.

Still, maybe GS and MP are wrong. I suspect it’s a real possibility.

What are the ramifications if they are right? That RP and MO knew that LHO was into something on the weekend of 11/10/63 he either could not or would not talk about, or that they were actively collaborating with him. Either way, they are collaborators and accessories.

Now, there is an added bonus to the testimony of young master Wood. He and his father both notice that LHO’s rifle is spitting out sparks as he shoots. That says something given that nobody in Dealey Plaza around 12:30 PM on 11/22/63 noticed anything of the sort.

Oh, well, I suppose LHO must have used one of his other rifles. Look here at the testimony of Garland Slack. He is talking about LHO’s multiple guns and and an individual who was with him:

Wazzamatter, lone-nut gunman theorists, cat got your tongue?

Young Mr. Wood also talks about somebody being with LHO on the day he was with LHO.

So, what’s going on here? We have additional people showing up with LHO on two different days, and on one occasion, we have multiple guns being fired.

Is it any wonder that the Warren Commission didn’t highlight this testimony more prominently? Instead they left it to their toadies to select out the parts they wanted.

Well, it only happened one way. It seems most probable to me that GS and MP are confabulating and mixing together what they saw, read and think they saw into a narrative that exaggerates their relevance and importance to the world. This tends to be supported by Garland Slack’s wife, Lucille, who does not back up his story in the way you would hope she would.

As I have stated before, young Sterling Wood seems to be the most credible and reliable witness. His testimony alone can be damning to the Warren Commission apologists.

It is damning because one has to ask just how LHO got the rifle out of RP’s garage and back again in order to carry it into the TDB on the morning of 11/22/63. Of course, the answer is easy: LHO didn’t take it to the TDB on 11/22/63 which means that Buell Frazier and Linnie Mae Randle’s testimony was most likely suborned perjury. It’s not too difficult to get people to “remember” what you want them to remember when you promise to remove the threat of a lifetime in jail for being an accessory to the murder of the President.

But let’s not stop here. We are having too much fun, and as we all know, life is a giant game of Sodoku. I wasn’t a pro, but as an amateur, I held my own. I’ll keep a puzzle around the house to eternity and back before giving up. Since we now know in this new reality that Lee was at the Sports Drome taking target practice, we now know that the only way for him to be there with the Italian 6.5 would have for him to have removed and returned the carbine from the house in Irving.

But RP and MO didn’t state that. Instead they stayed silent; and by staying silent invited themselves into the sphere of conspiratorial collaboration. If they were innocent bystanders, why not just state the truth: “Hey, Lee, took the rifle and said he was going down to the Sports Drome. He came back a few hours later.” Okay, that sounds reasonable.

Now, in another alternative reality, if LHO had not been at the Sports Drome and Sterling Wood was saying that he was, why not simply state that Lee did not remove the rifle from the house? They could’ve easily made a statement to the press. That’s what I would have done. I would have stated: “My husband did not take a rifle out of my residence, nor did he return with one. Therefore he could not have been at the Sports Drome with his Carcano.”

That they did not so indicates that they are collaborating with a lie. They are permitting a falsehood to prejudice the people against LHO.

Either way, RP and MO are playing a dicey game.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

To help you coordinate the dates, I will include a calendar of November, 1963.

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