Sports Drome 2

Let’s take the position that LHO was at the Sports Drome that day, 11/16/63 with his Carcano. It’s not necessary that he remove it from the Ruth Paine residence on the 16th. He could’ve easily taken it home on another day, although it is difficult to figure out how he could have done so in an occult way, given that Buell Frazier or Ruth Paine would have had to have helped him.

For the purposes of this discussion, I want to ask why LHO would have gone to the Sports Drome on that day and allowed people to peg him and his rifle together so publicly. Why go? He could have practiced in secret in any number of places.

I think he went because, as a streetwise kid, tutored by his uncle, Dutz Murret, he suspected something was up. He acutely felt the chance that he might be double crossed. In that event, he wanted to purchase himself an insurance policy – not a get out jail card, but a policy to reveal the truth, as much as he possibly could.

By going to the range, he is sending a message to us in the future: Look here! Look closely! I’m not alone here.

For sure he knew he could not have left a note, a letter, or a picture. He knew for sure that the CIA would have scrubbed his life clean of letters, diaries and notes just as Angleton went down and cleaned out Mary Meyer’s diary after she was killed on the Washington Tow Path. Angleton also apparently put the kibosh on Win Scott’s autobiography.

So exactly how does an operative leave clues if he desperately wants people to know that he wasn’t alone?

He can’t tell people because those people will be killed. It seems logical that the CIA informs its operatives that revelation of super-sensitive secrets to loved ones will result in the execution of those loved ones. That’s why there are no deathbed confessions except the false leads the CIA desires.

So, if you can’t tell anyone, or leave memos, how do you communicate to people that something is amiss? One way would be to force people by your actions into a Chinese trap whereby whichever way they commit entraps them into an uncomfortable situation.

Thus when LHO goes to the range with his gun, he forces MO and RP to either admit that he took the gun out of the house and returned it that day, or to admit by silence that he wasn’t there when it’s pretty damn obvious he was there.

Either way, RP and MO are fucked.

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