Howard Brennan

I wanted to talk about Howard Brennan because he is still pointed to today as a credible witness to LHO being the man in the Dulles-Specter-Ford Window, aka Oswald Window.

Analyzing the photography from the Zapruder film and reading Tim Smith’s excellent article on Jim DiEugenio’s site, I conclude that the Warren Commission conservatively placed Howard Brennan five feet to the Elm Street side of where he was sitting.

Okay, so what? What’s the big deal? Five feet is a small amount. Actually, it is a big deal because the concrete structure upon which he is sitting is curved. Placing him properly on the curve has him fronting, not the DSF window (ha ha, okay, Oswald Window), but the true DSF window in the Dal-Tex building.

That’s why it’s a big deal.

That’s probably why Howard Brennan himself testified that he was looking at the fire escapes in the Dal-Tex building. Now, remember, the people in Dealey Plaza did not know that the President was going to be shot that day. What they saw in front of them was as mundane as the cereal box on your table this morning. No one alerted them to, “wait for it.” They didn’t know they were supposed to key in on certain areas.

The fire escapes, people on the fire escapes if any, were just background noise that was recorded on Howard Brennan’s carbon-based film camera which we call his memory.

By placing Mr. Brennan where he was, no one can say that these images of the fire escapes did not cross his line of vision. Maybe that’s why the Warren Commission was so focused on moving him five feet to the Elm Street side. They have a habit of that you know; they move back wounds, and they move people. Well, I suppose when you attend Yale Law, you kinda feel you are in control of things.

What I did above was draw a line from where Zapruder was standing through the left Stemmons pole. Then I drew a line bisecting the Elm-Houston angle. Then I bisected the two lines. I’m not sure why I did this, but it seemed fair. I thought it was a close enough approximation to where Brennan was sitting. After I did all this, I found a man sitting on that concrete structure in the Dorman film with his legs dangling. I think that man is Brennan.

I don’t want to totally disbelieve the testimony of Howard Brennan. I want to believe as much as I possibly can. Yes, the man is probably embellishing what he saw to insert himself into history. He’s a bit of a prima donna as we all are. I don’t think we should hold that against him. Nevertheless, did he see what he thought he saw? Is it possible, like Mr. Euins, that his carbon-based camera was compromised by the stress that was going on that day. By his own admission, I think so.

I do think he saw a man with a rifle, but I do not think that man was on the 6th Floor of the TSBD, but on the 6th Floor of the Dal-Tex Building. I think two assassins were on the fire escape.

Is it possible for two separate people, Mr. Euins and Mr. Brennan, to experience the same memory distortion? One would think not, but what if the memory distortion was pushed along by a “helpful” operative on the ground level who got the ball rolling by pointing up to an empty window on the 6th Floor of the TSBD, known as the Oswald Window. If the ensuing commotion was guided into the TSBD as the logical place from which the bullets came, perhaps that prevailing narrative shaped people’s congealing narrative.

Conformity and the desire to conform is a powerful force. People want to be agreeable. And in a situation like this, they want to do the right thing. Their emotions often take command over their reason.

Many years ago on the Mike Douglas show, Mr. Douglas explained people’s behavior when a comedian comes on stage to tell jokes. He said in so many words: “It doesn’t matter what I say, you are going to laugh. You came here to laugh, and you are ready to laugh.” People want to go along.

Now, did this happen this way. I believe this is what I heard, but it might have been a guest who revealed this characteristic of human behavior. I’m old enough to know that my memory degrades and shifts with time. Nevertheless, the essence of what I say is true. People want to be agreeable.

After the World Trade Center collapse, people were ready to kick ass. They were ready to go to war. Even in the wake of much evidence that demonstrates conclusively that those buildings were not taken down by jets, but by controlled explosives, educated people who should know better by now, still insist that jets took down those buildings. People want to go along, and they want to believe in neat solutions.

Oswald killing JFK alone is a neat solution.

Our CIA and our federal government has invested much money in understanding the psychology of you. They know what makes you tick. They know that the first horse out of the gate has an advantage. That’s why they work to shape the narrative from the get-go.

It seems logical to me that they did just that in Dealey Plaza.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

The detailed map of Dealey Plaza above is taken from Don Roberdeau’s map.

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