James Worrell

One other individual who is mentioned as having seen the shooter on 11/22/63 is James Worrell who was standing at the southeast corner of the TSBD on the northwest corner of Elm and Houston. He is opposite to where Howard Brennan is sitting, although he is looking at Howard Brennan face on whereas Howard Brennan is turned slightly so as to face the Dal-Tex building.

Worrell doesn’t claim to see the shooter, just a rifle barrel and part of a gun stock coming out of the TSDB’s Oswald window. He states that he had to arch his head back and look straight up. In the ensuing confusion he claims to have seen Kennedy slump over in his seat (downstream on Elm), and the rifle shoot, all while he was turning the corner and running north up Houston. He proceeded to take a north-easterly route out of Dealey Plaza. He went home and gave no statement that day.

After watching television that day of what happened in Dealey Plaza, and Jesse Curry’s plea to have witnesses come forward, he goes downtown the next day. By that time the 6th Floor Oswald Window has been firmly established in the public consciousness.

Worrell’s statement while initially possibly suspect is useful in understanding the sheer panic that gripped the citizenry that day.

Surely James Worrell’s memory was compressed and distorted that day.

I want to believe him, and I do believe that he heard shots, saw a gun, and saw a window above him. I just don’t think it happened the way he thinks it happened.

I think when he heard the first shot, he lifted his head backward and to his left and caught a glimpse of a rifle pushed beyond the edge of the fire escape on the Dal-Tex building, before panning over to the sixth floor ledge far above him. Then, he stepped out and began to hear other shots. He saw JFK slump over as people began hitting the ground. This caused an enormous rush of neuromediators in his brain and body which caused tachypsychia and a fight-or-flight response. He froze for what seemed an eternity, then fled around the corner. Before fleeing north down Houston he got another glimpse of a rifle nudging out over the fire escape on the Dal-Tex building.

As he runs north on Houston, he sees a man rush out of the back side (north-east side) of the TSBD. Arlen Specter spends what seems like an eternity on this encounter. Are we supposed to believe this was Oswald? I was always under the impression that Oswald was in the second floor break room at about the time James Worrell claims to have seen a man run out of the TSBD.

Well, if it wasn’t Oswald, as it probably wasn’t, then who was it, and why aren’t we looking at that guy?

Well, I imagine that doesn’t fit the tidy little story.

At any rate, what the most about the world story is time distortion. He claims to be doing all these things at once. Looking up, watching Kennedy slumped over in his seat, and running away at the same time. I believe him, but how can he be doing all these things at the same time. He can’t. The only way that he can be doing these things at the same time is if he is experiencing tachypsychia and time distortion.

Now is the appropriate time for me to introduce my thoughts on memory and neural development.

Here is a PDF. It is a work in progress. Check back from time to time. This is only a working theory.

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