The Dal-Tex Building

For years I’ve been staring at the Dal-Tex Building. It seems like the logical place from which to kill the President. It has so many more advantages. Now, if you are a conditioned serf who chooses to go to the mat for the murderous elite who run the CIA which pulls dirty tricks around the globe, go no further. This conversation is not for you.

The Dal-Tex, on its west side, is going to be relatively in the shade in the morning hours in contrast to the TDSB which bears the full brunt of the sun. When one approaches the corner of Elm and Houston, one confronts the TSBD head on. If you were planning on shooting JFK, a window such as the Oswald Window would be your last choice. Let’s not forget that as Kennedy is making the turn onto Elm there are other cars and policemen who are traveling north on Houston. Where are the credible Oswald sightings from these people? Where are the credible Oswald sightings from the thousands of people on the sidewalk back aways from the corner? There were none. None.

On the other hand, a shot from the Specter-Dulles-Ford Window from the Dal-Tex building would be the ideal spot to shoot the President. It would be partly in shade, and shooters in a crouched position would be shielded by the fire escape. Furthermore, a shot from the SDF window gives you a straighter shot at JFK. And, and, and, you can control the building.

So, with that in mind, I set out to do some diagrams. These are starter diagrams.

First, here is a picture of the fire escape on the lower floors as JFK is being assassinated. This is the Altgens photo.

And here is a side shot from the Hughes film as the motorcade is approaching the Dal-Tex building.

I first wanted to get an idea of how the fire escape may have been constructed. Imagine it as a series of flat panels, four by twelve feet, affixed to each floor below a set of windows. Connecting the flat panels is a riser between each floor. For this diagram I chose a stair of two feet in width.

In the above diagram, S2 is Shooter 2 who is crouched. He has 4 feet front to back. SP is the spotter who is watching Umbrella Man and the Accomplice. S1 is Shooter 1 who is standing.

Now, the dimensions might actually be larger; but at least this gives us a starting point that is in accordance with my theory of two shooters aft of the President.

Now, this is what they would be viewing.

Now, this isn’t perfect, but it’s a start. The fire escape may not be accurate in the sense of a four foot extension under the riser. The spotter, not shown here, would stand behind the shooters (targets), and tap them on the back, or give a command, as he watches WTM and TA.

The brown edge to the right of the picture is the TSBD.

Now, this is what Amos Euins and Howard Brennan saw.

The targets on the building represent the two shooters. This would be the best place to place them. They would be relatively obscured by the fire escape and the shadows. Clever dress that blends in with the building would allow them to operate with impunity.

Here is the best way to view the Dealey Plaza. For years, it has been represented in an orientation that is not helpful in understanding the shadows and the direction that people are traveling. Elm, Main and Commerce are running east west.

The yellow arrow above is the direction of the sun shadow.

Now, Sir, let me do you a question. If you were upstream of JFK, following in the motorcade, would you have been able to see Oswald in the window? Here you are:

It’s aces up ridiculous to think that you wouldn’t.

Since no one did from this vantage point, it might be logical to conclude that there was no shooter there. Indeed, the only people – Howard Brennan, Amos Euins – who figure prominently in seeing the shooter were in a position to see the Dal-Tex building. The people on Houston Street were not in an optimal position.

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