Clay Shaw

Suppose that you were a detective assigned to find out all you could about Lee Oswald on 11/23/62. You were assigned to go down to New Orleans where he grew up and find out everything you could. Suppose that you spent the next five years doing that to make sure that you got everything right. Also suppose that Jim Garrison and everything that he ever said didn’t exist. What would you find?

Your main goal is to find out who Lee Oswald associated with in those five months from April through September of that same year. Of course, you were interested in his youth, but principally you would want to know what happened in the months leading up to the JFK assassination.

Who were his friends? Who did he hang out with? What you would discover is that there were various groups in Oswald’s sphere of influence. I have detailed some of these in this picture.

You would find these groups: Reily, INCA/Trade Mart, CAP, Cubans and Michoud/Intel/CIA. You will find many interconnections between these groups. It would from a web within which Lee Oswald would be living. We all live within a web of groups; Lee Oswald was no different.

What you were trying to look for are some clues as to what Oswald was doing, and did these groups participate in anyway with the JFK assassination? You also want to get insight into Oswald’s mindset. You need to do this because the government is already portraying Lee Oswald as a communist nut job. Was he?

Was LHO operating alone, or was he being guided somehow. You are a curious person and so you want to ask questions.

How does LHO get his job at Reily Coffee? Why would he go to work there? Why couldn’t he get work closer to where he was living? Why does LHO always pick a job in which he has no experience whatsoever? His former boss, Tommy Bargas at Leslie Welding in Dallas said that he would make a good sheet metal man. Why doesn’t LHO look for a job in that area? Why doesn’t he get a job in the photographic industry. He had some experience at JCS in Dallas. He wasn’t great but at least he had experience. How about being a Russian translator? That’s what he wanted to do in Dallas. We know that he was fluent in Russian. Why not pick a job area in which you have experience? He could easily make more money translating Russian than lubing up machines at Reily coffee. Why doesn’t Marina, his Russian wife, bring that idea up? Why not set up the Oswald Translation Service? Surely there is a need for that in New Orleans.

Now, after we collect all this data, let us backtrack and approach each of the known LHO interactions and see if they lead anywhere. Let’s see if we the individual strokes lead us back to the same place. The ancients used to say that all roads lead to Rome; well, why was that?

What we know are the following incidents. These are indisputable. Both sides of the “Warren Commission Debate” except these points.

  1. LHO was handing out leaflets that said 544 Camp St.
  2. LHO was working at Reily coffee.
  3. LHO was handing out FPCC leaflets in front of the Trade Mart on 8/16/63.
  4. LHO did have a scuffle with Carlos Bringuier on Canal Street on 8/9/63.
  5. LHO did do a radio interview at WDSU on 8/23/63.
  6. A man named William Gaudet had applied and secured a tourist visa to travel into Mexico immediately prior to LHO securing his tourist visa.

Now, all these things happened, and they don’t involve hearsay or someone’s opinion. No one’s testimony can be impeached.

Ww want to view the people who work here, or who are involved with these incidents and locations. We want to see if any connect. This is what police do. They collect various lists, and they say if any of the lists connect.

For example: let’s say that you are a mass murder and that you have gone to different cities to kill people. The police will collect lists of the people who have taken flights into these cities, the people who have stayed at motels, the people who have driven in on tollroads. Then they will put these names into a computer, and the computer will see if there are any common names. This is one of the ways the police catch you.

This doesn’t mean that you did it, but it does mean that the police will look at you more closely. They will call you in for more questioning.

Okay … with that in mind.

This is a starter image. I will revise it from time to time.

The point is that all roads lead to Shaw; ergo, it was reasonable and rational for Jim Garrison to look at Clay Shaw. It is reasonable and rational for us to look at Clay Shaw, not as a mastermind for the assassination of JFK, but as someone who is intimately connected with the life of LHO.

What is his connection? What is his purpose?

Associations in the typical sense do not lead necessarily to causality. To establish causality, detectives look not only at proximity in distance, but also proximity in time, means and motive.

Plus, what are we trying to establish here? Not that Clay Shaw was planning the assassination of JFK but that Clay Shaw was responsible for moving Oswald around and/or functioning as a caretaker.

Well, as far as proximity, that’s an easy one. Both were living in New Orleans at the time, and both were living in about the same area.

Means: Clay Shaw had the connections and the skills to get things done. If you wanted anyone hired anywhere, all he had to do was say the word.

Motive: Why would Clay Shaw move Oswald around? Why wouldn’t he? He wasn’t planning the assassination of JFK; he was only asked to move someone around by someone he knew. He was being patriotic. Clay Shaw could not predict the future. This mission to assassinate JFK was compartmentalized.

We can only guess what Oswald’s role was, but it seems possible that both Shaw and Oswald were told by the same man that Oswald’s role was to pose as a communist in order to infiltrate the anti-Castro community so as to ferret out pro-Castro sympathizers. This would feed into LHO’s fantasy of being a real world Herbert Philbrick in I Led Three Lives.

Clay Shaw was the perfect person to move Oswald around. You certainly wouldn’t ask Boatner Reily to do such. He was more into fitness and Mardi Gras. Besides he was a member of the elite class. You aren’t going to ask him to get down and do dirty work. Plus, he has a business to run. Nor would you ask his brother, Eustis, to do that. Eustis was more of a nerd.

To move someone around requires clout, contacts and management skills. Clay Shaw learned management skills in New York while working at the Leo Keedick Agency. These skills were honed to perfection in the Army under General Thrasher. Who got LHO his job at Reily Coffee? I imagine it was Clay Shaw. Who kept him there in the face of LHO slacking off? Clay Shaw. Any other person would have been fired immediately. Why would Reily Coffee trust a fuck-up with greasing million dollar machines? Only if someone else was actually doing the greasing and lubricating.

Who gave LHO the personnel to pass out leaflets? Remember, Oswald is a loner. Where did he get his new friends? And why the Trade Mart? Why not City Hall?

Who got him the new job at Michoud? He told Adrian Alba he got a new job. That’s what Adrian Alba said. Since the Warren defenders rely on every other piece of cockamamie testimony, why don’t they rely on this? Maybe Michoud dumped LHO’s hiring file when he decided not to work there. I’ve got to believe that LHO had every intention of working at Michoud. Since he didn’t, who changed his plans?

How about the gig at WDSU? Was that all arranged by accident by low-level employees, or did the hidden hand of Clay Shaw help that along. You know, that’s how magicians work; they make you think that things are random. They rig the deck and make it look like magic.

Was the address at 544 Camp Street a random shot in the dark? If it was, it was one lucky guess. Gus Russo says that LHO was using 544 Camp Street to embarrass Bannister and the anti-Castro Cubans. C’mon. How stupid does Gus Russo think we are? PFS. How does LHO know where Russo’s office is? How does he know that the Cuban Revolutionary Council was at 544 Camp Street a full year ago? Doesn’t it seem more likely that Clay Shaw gave him a hand, perhaps made an introduction? Of course, LHO could have always asked his old friend David Ferrie. Ah, but that’s not allowed in Warren Orthodoxy.

That brings us to William Gaudet who was one person ahead of LHO in receiving a tourist visa to Mexico. One person ahead! William Gaudet was known to Clay Shaw. He had an office in the Trade Mart. Clay Shaw wrote a letter of introduction for him. So who was William Gaudet?

William Gaudet wrote a newsletter called the Latin American Report. There are various CIA memos detailing his escapades. He claims to have been a CIA agent. Maybe he was; maybe he wasn’t. What he was for sure was a person known to Clay Shaw.

Here is one CIA memo detailing the tourist visa.

Evidently, this must have caused some concern given the amount of markings upon the following pages.

So what does all this mean?

One, if you were the DA in New Orleans, you would be justified in looking at Clay Shaw. You would also be justified in examining his life throughly.

Two, the important point in New Orleans, as it pertains to LHO, is not whether LHO was in Clinton or Jackson, or whether he was making a toxic Cuba Libré for Castro with Ferrie and Baker. The important point is that he was part of an intimate matrix of people that included Cuban anti-Castro revolutionaries, the CIA and the monied class in New Orleans.

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