God and JFK

Do you believe in God?

Suppose God saw what happened with JFK in Dealey Plaza but could not prevent what he (God is male, right?) knew would happen, nor tell us what happened through an NDA he had signed with himself, but could let us know what happened through other means. Do you believe he did so?

Consider these strange items I have come across thus far:

One of Clay Shaws best friends in New Orleans was a woman named Muriel Bultman-Francis. When Clay Shaw was accused by Jim Garrison, Muriel was instrumental in gathering Clay’s friends together to support him. She was a woman of society in both New Orleans and New York. She was a collector of art, and she was also a public relations executive. Her niche was opera singers. She handled many famous people for the age that she lived in. One was a violinist named Yehudi Menuhin. He is considered even today one of the greatest violinists ever. Another was a singer named Lily Pons. Two other singers were Rise Stevens and Leonard Warren. Although we don’t know these people today, they were famous people in their day in the 40s and 50s. All three singers played at the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Yehudi Menuhin was more known in Europe, although he gave performances in the United States also. When I was reading about Muriel Bultman-Francis, I was intrigued by her last name Bultman. Because I am interested in words, etymology, and where people’s names come from, I decided to look up the origin of the word Bultman. Here is what I found:

Clay Shaw’s job was to represent the city of New Orleans. One of his counterparts in the great Northwest was a man named Egil Einar Krogh, who was also a trade ambassador of sorts. The name seems familiar, but, alas, the man was not Egil Krogh, Jr., but his father, Egil Einar Krogh, Sr.

Clay Shaw and Egil Krogh, Sr. knew each other.

The son, commonly known as Bud would go on to work in the Nixon White House. As Watergate was winding down, a CIA officer name Seymour Bolten came to work in the White House alongside Bud Krogh. They were working on a task force alongside the BNDD (Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs – the forerunner of the DEA) to stem the rising tide of drugs within the nation.

What does this mean? I don’t know. Perhaps that Clay Shaw was in the same club as Egil Krogh and Seymour Bolten. Maybe God is giving us a clue that the JFK Assassination and Watergate are connected. Maybe both were coup d’états engineered by the CIA. There were certainly a lot of similar players including Frank Sturgis and E. Howard Hunt. By the way, Frank Sturgis was in the color guard for Lucius Clay in post- World War II Germany at the same time that Bolten was there.

It has long been my belief that Watergate was a coup d’état conducted by the CIA to get Richard Nixon out of office. Was the CIA upset that Nixon and Kissinger were ending the war and depriving Corporate America of its cash cow? Did the CIA and their benefactor, Corporate America, desire that Vietnam be what Afghanistan is today, a war that never ends, a rainmaker for the elites? It seems logical to me.

So, if we are looking for a connection between Seymour Bolten and Clay Shaw, this is the best I can do for now. Of course, Seymour Bolten was a CIA officer who was assigned to Latin American affairs in the early 1960s. He would have made it his business to know all the important players in both Miami and New Orleans. Clay Shaw was certainly one of those players.

Well, if you read one of my books on my site, I allude to the movie, Charade, starring Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn, Walter Matthau, James Coburn, and George Kennedy. There are strange parallels between the movie and the JFK Assassination. The movie debuted in the theaters on 12/5/63.

When I first wrote about these parallels a few years ago, I probably went overboard in trying to match them up; but I needn’t have done such. As I’ve stated before, maybe God is giving us imperfect clues. Maybe God can’t be too explicit according to the NDA he signed with himself.

Read the text, look at the following diagram and ask yourself whether the same God that observed the JFK Assassination was the same God that moved back in time and inserted the idea in Lee and Marina’s head that they should name their daughter Audrey.

Let us follow the story as I interpret it in terms of the JFK Assassination. 

In the beginning a man is thrown off a train. He is dead.

In the next scene we meet Regina (Reggie) and Sylvie. Sylvie has a child, Jean-Louis, who collects stamps.  Sylvie and Regina are translators for diplomats.  Regina translates from French to English and Sylvie from English to French.  When we first meet Sylvie and Reggie at a ski resort, Reggie is contemplating a divorce from Charles. Charles is the man who was thrown off the train.

Peter Joshua, played by Cary Grant, befriends Regina at the ski resort, and later upon hearing of Charles’s death, pretends to work in her best interest.

Upon returning to Paris, Reggie discovers that the apartment she shared with Charles is bare. Everything is gone. The Paris police inspector shows up to inform her that Charles is dead. Peter Joshua who has heard of the death appears at her apartment to console her.

We then see Charles’s funeral at a church. Reggie and Sylvie sit in the front row. Three shadowy men appear to view the body.

After the funeral, Regina is summoned to meet a CIA administrator, Hamilton Bartholomew, at noon-thirty (12:30 PM), who tells her of a wicked plot Involving her dead husband and the three men at the funeral.  JFK was shot at 12:30 in the afternoon. The four of them along with another man, Carson Dyle, had been part of the OSS in France and had secretly robbed a gold shipment they were assigned to protect.  One of the conspirators, Carson Dyle, was killed in the war; another, Charles, Regina’s husband, double-crossed the other conspirators and stole the loot for himself.

The three men at the funeral believe that Regina’s dead husband, Charles, stole the gold.  They believe that Regina knows where it is.  Unbeknownst to us, Charles had traded the gold for valuable stamps which he had affixed to an envelope left in his travel bag. Regina, not knowing the value of the stamps, gives them to Jean-Louis for his stamp collection. Jean Louis is you, the reader.

Peter Joshua’s job in the movie is to help and protect Regina.  Secretly he is working for the government.  He takes on many aliases, one of which is Alex Dyle. Lee Oswald’s alias was Alek Hidell. Peter Joshua represents the nobler side of our government, wanting to do good, yet finding itself hopelessly entrapped in its own methodology of deceit. Perhaps that is why Peter Joshua’s real name is Brian Cruikshank. Cruikshank means crooked legs which symbolizes the crookedness of our government.

During the course of the movie all three of the shadowy men die. The person who has killed them is none other than the CIA administrator himself, an impostor, who is secretly Carson Dyle.  The movie concludes with a chase scene that ends in a theater where Carson Dyle dies. LHO as we all know by now was captured in a theater.

The movie has a happy ending as God, I believe, prefers happy endings.  The real life story has not yet been completed.  

The name Carson can signify a fort, a swamp or both. Given that Langley was built upon a swamp, I would say the name Carson seems appropriate for a CIA man.  His surname Dyle probably comes from the Irish surname Doyle which means dark stranger. Carson’s other name, the one he presented to Regina in the beginning of the move, was Hamilton Bartholomew.  It was Hamilton Bartholomew who began this mystery by killing Charles.  Why did he kill Charles?  Because Charles and his colleagues left him to die; they abandoned him, just as JFK abandoned CIA  officers at the Bay of Pigs.

Hamilton means a barren, treeless hill, and Bartholomew might refer to the apostle Bartholomew himself.  So what does that tell me?  I don’t know.  Perhaps HB was a true believer standing upon a pergola perched upon a knoll. At any rate, Hamilton Bartholomew is an impostor who has hijacked the CIA for his own ends.

Regina means Queen; Charles through Charlemagne has become synonymous with King; and Lampert means ‘bright land’ which could easily be confused with Camelot.

The three men – Tex, Leopoldo and Herman – represent the three lives of Lee Oswald.  Average Citizen, Communist, CIA Counterspy.  Tex means Tex, Leopoldo means bold lion, and Herman, of German origin, means soldier. 

Sylvie is their conduit to wealth and riches.  The three men are not who they pretend to be, just as the three men who visited Sylvia Odio were not who they pretended to be.  In both stories, the three men’s intentions are false.  They are decoys to divert your attention from the true killer.

Sylvie is not just Silvia Odio but every person who has been wronged by a tyrannical government.  She is a friend to the Queen.  The Queen is a friend to her.  They are soulmates. The name Sylvie derives from Silvanus, the Roman protector of the woods and fields. Sylvie protects the woods and fields because they are woods, fields and life itself, not because they possess minerals that can be exploited for money.  As such she represents those people who value the environment for its own sake. Sylvie is well-meaning, but well-meaning people are often taken advantage of. 

Jean-Louis means God Remits Illustrious.  As Jean-Louis is a child, he represents you, the innocent common folk who are shielded from the evil machinations of people in the CIA.  Charles’s betrayal of his fellow conspirators represents JFK’s betrayal of the corporate monied elite. Charles trades gold for stamps; JFK trades money for future peace.  The stamps represent your heritage and your belief that life has greater value beyond what can be measured by a dollar bill.

Ultimately Charles was killed for money, as was JFK.

In the original movie, a line spoken by Audrey Hepburn which contained the word “assassinated” was edited out and replaced with the word “eliminated” because of JFK’s assassination. The movie was manufactured and “in the can” before JFK’s assassination. Who uses the word assassinated to describe the murder of anyone but a leader? No one.

Maybe the same God that observed JFK’s assassination was the same God that inspired two Stones to make two movies relating to JFK’s assassination. Peter Stone wrote the screenplay for Charade. Oliver Stone co-wrote the screenplay for JFK. As best I know the two Stones are unrelated.

Maybe the same God that observed JFK’s assassination was the same God that guided the authors to change the working title of the movie from The Unsuspecting Wife to Charade, which is what the Warren Commission became.

Maybe the same God that observed JFK’s assassination was the same God that forced the studio to misprint the copyright thus placing the movie in public domain, thus preventing the concealers at Time-Life from buying the movie and sequestering it away forever lest anyone think that God has the power to reveal the truth.

Now, of course, the amoral German logicians who front for the Third Reich that now rules our country will never accept this reasoning. These people can’t wipe their ass in the morning unless they have a double-blinded study approving the benefits of doing such. But what if we don’t live in the logical world of the Third Reich? What if we live in a moral universe where a God exists who can move in all dimensions of space and time? What if this God sees all and corrects all in his own time and manner?

The German logicians will also state that my analysis is not perfect, and this is true. It is not. We do not live in a perfect world as the logicians would have us inhabit. Perhaps the God who viewed the JFK assassination is the same God who reveals himself to us imperfectly lest we think we can live in a universe that can possibly be perfected.

Copyright 2022 Archer Crosley All Rights Reserved

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